10 uses of wheat

Wheat can be said to be a cereal grain that is grown in the temperate region and can be sued to make different foods. Consuming a good quantity of wheat…

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8 Uses of Plants

Plants are very important in our society. It is useful for both kids and adults. However, kids do not know where the things they use come from. There are many…

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80 Uses of Neem Oil

Neem oil is a plant extract that is used for a wide range of useful therapeutic, cosmetic, healing, and medical purposes. The Indian lilac is the tree that produces this…

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9 Uses of radish

This is a plant whose roots are used as medicine. When the roots are taken for medicinal use, it solves digestive issues and stimulates the digestive juices to flow. In…

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25 Medicinal Uses of Sunflower

It is a resilient plant that can withstand all harsh conditions, growing even in deserts and in all types of soil. This plant has a very tough root system and,…

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Uses of lichens

Lichens are composites organisms that come from cyanobacteria or algae, living in many filaments of fungi species and have a mutual relationship. They have varieties of characteristics from the components…

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Medicinal uses of banana leaves

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Just like the fruit, there are medicinal uses of banana leaves, as well. We can use them, especially at our homes, to treat specific ailments. It contains vital substances such…

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50 Important uses of sunflower leaves

Sunflower, a plant whose botanical name is Helianthus is an herbaceous plant of the Aster family. Sunflowers are planted all over the world mostly in tropical countries. They grow well…

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