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Uses of gold bond powder

Nothing irritates more than itchy skin or smelly shoes because they might shame you at any moment. But you can prevent all that from happening using a skincare product known as a gold bond. It is a brand that you can get from over the counter. Gold bond dates back to the 1900s when it made its debut to New England. Trusted sources say that it was developed in the State medical association of Rhode Island. Arthur w. Guilford saw gold bond powder as a great product that he started mixing it from a small shop in New England.

Guilford held the formula for making gold bond powder for more than seven years. He decided to sell the rights and formulas to a businessman who spread it to many parts. The dust became so useful and accessible that every man that joined the military during World War II was given a free can.

So what is this magical powder that everyone wants to have? How is it made? Well, gold bond powder has a unique formula that constitutes the use of eight key ingredients. The first essential ingredient is Talc which helps to prevent lashes by absorbing moisture and cutting down on friction. The second key ingredient is zinc oxide. You have probably come across it because it is found in many cosmetics. Zinc oxide plays the role of preventing or treating diaper rush in the gold bond powder.

The third ingredient is Eucalyptol which brings fragrance in the powder. Further, the powder contains Methyl salicylate that has anti-inflammatory properties suitable for soothing irritations. There is salicylic acid in the powder which hinders the shedding of the dead skin. Another essential ingredient is thymol which is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant. Lastly, there is an abundant amount of zinc stearate which acts as a lubricant.


Best uses of gold bond powder

1.    Prevent and Control Jock Itch

Jock is a skin condition that affects your groin area. Fungal bacteria mostly cause it and mainly affects the genitals such as buttocks and inner thighs. People that wear tight clothes or sweat are lot are the most vulnerable to get this skin infection. A good example is the track athletes, although, it is also familiar to overweight people too. Treating or preventing jock itch is one of the most popular uses of gold bond powder. It contains methyl salicylate which is responsible for soothing the itchiness.

2.   Curb moisture

Whenever the uses of gold bond powder are mentioned, curbing moisture must be included. People that sweat regularly applies this powder on their skin in advance before going out. It enables them to stay dry all day. Talc is the key ingredient responsible for curbing moisture. Moisture conditions on your skin create a suitable breeding environment for bacteria. When bacteria start breeding on your skin, you will get rushes quickly.

3.    Control odor

The gold bond powder contains Eucalyptol, an ingredient that provides fragrance that is strong compared to body odor. Many brands of cough suppressant and mouth wash to use to control airway mucus hypersecretion. It exists as a liquid that is organically produced cyclic. It has a high medicinal value making it a vital ingredient. Further, it reduces pain and inflammation when applied topically. However, its ability to provide a fragrance or pleasant aroma to products is what makes it accessible.

4.    Common Skin Itch Relief

Apart from prevention and control of jock itch, gold bond powder relieves common skin itches. Three ingredients play a significant role when it comes to relieving skin itchiness. Acacia Senegal Gum is the mastermind though. Because of its conditioning and soothing properties. After applying gold bond powder to a skin that is itching, you will feel a pleasant soft breeze caused by the Acacia Senegal Gum. Another ingredient that facilitates relief of itchy skin is Talc by cutting down on friction.

5.    Scrapes

For those that don’t know, the scrape is a skin condition that is caused by your skin breaking to form wounds. It can happen to anyone since the number one cause is minor accidents. The gold bond powder is very useful when it comes to scrapes. Thymol and zinc oxides are the elements found in the powder responsible for treating scrapes. When the scratches start to heal salicylic acids help in shedding the dry skin. Take caution and avoid using a lot of it since it can cause dryness.

6.    Diaper Rash

If you see a bright red skin under your baby’s diaper, don’t panic because gold bond powder can treat it. The most common cause of the diaper rash is skin sensitivity or wetness. The infrequently changed diaper can lead to diaper rash as well. Apply gold bond to your baby’s bottom skin to avoid diaper rash in the future. If, the rashes persist, please see the doctor immediately as this can lead to a widespread rash or a fever.

7.    Control Smelly Shoes and athletes foot

One of the most common uses of bond powder is in smelly shoes. Three out of five people that buy this powder apply it in their shoes to prevent them from smelling. As we saw earlier, gold bond powder contains vital elements that aid in the absorption of moisture. Of course, the primary cause of smelly shoes is most toes or wet shoes. Further wet feet are very dangerous to athlete’s feet as they slipper off. The gold bond powder keeps their feet dry and comfortable

8.    Deodorant protection

Bacteria breakdown during perspiration can cause your body to have a bad smell, especially in the armpits. The gold bond powder is used to make a cream that is applied in those areas to prevent sweating. Thymol, a compound that occurs naturally in thyme, prevents bacteria from breeding in the selected regions.

9.    Sunburns and minor cuts

Sunburn is that painful red skin that appears after you have been exposed to ultraviolet light from sunlamps or sunshine. You can apply the gold bond to treat sunburns or protect the second skin. It contains salicylic acid which aids in the shedding off the dead skin. Further, it can be applied to ease irritation over minor cuts on the surface. Please do not use it on open wounds, deep wounds, and horrible burns. Also, it is essential to let your doctors know that you have started or stopped using it. Lastly, do not swallow as it can be poisonous.

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