51 Amazing uses of Calculus in real life

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The universe is constantly in motion, stars, planets, and galaxies are constantly changing. Elements, particles and subatomic matter bodily matter are not static either. Before the invention of calculus, Mathematics…

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Uses of convex lenses

Image source: explainthatstuff.com A convex lens is a lens that is thinner at the edges and at the same time thicker at the center. These lenses are actually made by…

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28 Uses of Paperclips

In the current world where we want to do things ourselves and in some way demonstrate our creativity along the way, we tend to repurpose items, and one of those…

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Uses of Gravimetric analysis

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Gravimetric analysis is a technique which is used to measure the amount of analyte or rather the ion being analyzed. The technique uses the mass of the analyte to come…

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18 Uses of Quedar

Quedar is a Spanish word. In Spain, this word is used to refer to meeting with someone at a certain place. It can also be used to refer to a…

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21 Uses of Lanthanides

Image source: technologyuk.net These are series of chemical elements which consist of fifteen metallic chemical elements which comprise of atomic numbers from fifty-seven, through to seventy-one. Lanthanides are elements which…

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Uses of Gymnosperms

Gymnosperms are types of seed-bearing plants that include cycads, conifers, gnetophytes, and Ginkgo. Gymnosperms have numerous economical uses, for example, cedar, pine, spruce, and fir are types of conifers that…

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35 Uses of Alkanes

An alkane is an example of an organic structure, under the topic of organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is the study of the structures and reactions of organic compounds, mostly which…

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