Uses of Gravimetric analysis

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Gravimetric analysis is a technique which is used to measure the amount of analyte or rather the ion being analyzed. The technique uses the mass of the analyte to come…

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18 Uses of Quedar

Quedar is a Spanish word. In Spain, this word is used to refer to meeting with someone at a certain place. It can also be used to refer to a…

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21 Uses of Lanthanides

Image source: These are series of chemical elements which consist of fifteen metallic chemical elements which comprise of atomic numbers from fifty-seven, through to seventy-one. Lanthanides are elements which…

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Uses of Gymnosperms

Gymnosperms are types of seed-bearing plants that include cycads, conifers, gnetophytes, and Ginkgo. Gymnosperms have numerous economical uses, for example, cedar, pine, spruce, and fir are types of conifers that…

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35 Uses of Alkanes

An alkane is an example of an organic structure, under the topic of organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is the study of the structures and reactions of organic compounds, mostly which…

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10 Uses of Nonane

  Nonane is a colorless linear alkaline hydrocarbon which is highly flammable. This hydrocarbon is primarily a component of kerosene. The word Nonane comes from the word non-which means nine…

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18 Uses of Spectrophotometer

This is an apparatus, commonly used in chemistry, for the measurement of light intensity in the spectrum, especially when this particular light is transferred by particular substances. In other words,…

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15 Uses of Titration

In college, we all learned a thing or two about titration. However, what many of us don't really know is how important titration is in real life. It, not just…

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