10 Uses of minerals

Minerals are elements and compounds obtained from the earth's crust. They occur naturally and possess different physical and chemical properties. These properties give them their functions. Therefore, a mineral is…

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30 Uses of water

Water is an inorganic, odorless, tasteless, transparent, and colorless chemical substance. It is the main component of the earth's hydrosphere as well as liquid in a living organism. Also, it…

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Uses of Topographic Maps

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Topographic maps are maps that have a sizeable detailed scale and quantitative figures for relief by the use of contour lines; however, they use various methods. Other natural resources describe…

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50 Important uses of Diamonds

Deep in the earth's crust, millions of years ago Diamonds were formed. Intense pressure and extreme heat crystallized carbon atoms into formidable tetrahedral bonds that could not be broken, creating…

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Uses of Amphibolite

Amphibolite is a metamorphic rock that is coarsely grained, mainly composed of plagioclase feldspar and amphibole mineral. In some cases, it may contain other metals such as garnet, andalusite, staurolite,…

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