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Uses of deer body parts

Deer is a mammal that is found in a group known as family Cervidae. There are two main groups of deer which are cervine, these include elk, chital, fallow deer, and muntjack. The other group is called capreolinae, which has moose, reindeer, and roe deer. The animal existed in the early Stone Age period, where human beings painted it on caves, acted a role in religion, myths, literature, and also heraldry. Besides, the mammal is distributed in all continents apart from Australia and Antarctica, even though Africa has only one species. In today’s generation, some people like to pet them while others tend to hunt, pick the meat, and leave the rest parts after killing a dear.

Surprising uses of deer body parts


1. Tools

Tools made from bone are called bone tools. When the tendon is wet, it can be folded into the desired shape and enfolded around an arrowhead. The device dries up and becomes a sharp weapon. Additionally, any portion of the skeleton can be utilized. However, the best parts are long bones and antlers because of giving suitable working materials. The bones are molded into items such as fishhooks, spear points, spoons, knives, pins, beamers, hand scrapers, flakes, pendants, hair combs, and awls.

2. A bowstring

Sinew is an outstanding product used to make a bowstring. It does incredible things. Thus it is named nature duct tape. It is bind and crafted into the amazing bowstring. Firstly, it should be used while it is wet and turn to be a durable material. Patience is required to finish the project because you need to tease the content in smaller strands. The cord from deer makes the bowstring to be robust, durable and stored indefinitely.

3. Sewing

The thinner cord located on tendons can stitch buckskin with a moccasin. Besides, you can even seaman injury with small bone got from deer as a sewing needle.

4. Jewelry

The creation of ornaments from parts of deer is not only thoughtful produce but also making use of inedible parts. Most people may think that materials used to make jewelry are obtained from precious stones like gold and diamond. Some of the stunning jewelry, for example, arrowhead necklace and earrings are crafted from hunter’s harvest. The beauty and uniqueness is a remarkable art that would be appreciated by outdoorsmen. The product can be as well enhanced by adding leather, beads, and other materials. If you have killed a deer, you do not have to let antlers go to waste, for you will be inviting maggots. Try to make these unique products. Instead of letting them lie in the corner.

5. Buttons

Use a bone saw to cut the antler carefully at the bottom of about a quarter-inch thick. These will form a sizeable active button. Create several holes and use the cord to stitch the buttons to your coat.


The skulls of a deer are used for decoration. You let them rot for some time, then clean, paint it, and decorate using beads, tails, feathers, and horsehair. Moreover, the extensions of the skull known as antlers are costly in any craft shop. These are because the antlers can be made into beautiful products by following steps. They need to be boiled, clean any flesh remnant, bleach and get your mount. The item has endless uses; for instance, they can be used to hold curtains, lamp stands, artistic sculptures, a vessel for carrying things, and trophies for hunters.


You can save the hide of a deer instead of ripping it off to the side. The hides can be made into a variety of items from clothing, shoes, blankets, teepee, and custom bags, as well as put on the wall or a coach in the living room. The hair could be removed from the skin and make versatile products, for example, belts, moccasin sole, snowshoes.

8. Small tools

The smallest antlers make useful tools for sharpening arrowheads, notching, or grinding grains.

9.Knife handle

Pick your trash looking antler and create a stunning knife handle. The bone of the led can also create a fantastic weapon after it is cleaned and boiled.

10. Natural glue

The legs or hooves can be heated and utilized as glue for projects, including bush crafting. The procedures are done by taking the lowest portion of the leg and make it a gun rack which can be quickly elevated over a fireplace or wall. Furthermore, the hide can be also be used to make hide glue. Firstly you clean the hide, boil, dry, cut into smaller parts then let it heat for some hours. Let off the excess water vapor, and you remain with a glue stick. The glue should be stored in small amounts and take time to gel. The natural glue can as well be reactivated by reheating to make it more adhesive.

11. Tallow

Get fat found inside the hide and meat of a deer, make it into cubes, and heat slowly to get rid of the attached meat. The fat is converted into byproduct and tallow forms. The tallow can be used as a leather conditioner, in candles and lubricants for metals.

12. Brain tan

The brain of a deer can actually make a soft jacket by turning the hide. These are when you can stitch antler buttons with thread from sinew.

13. Bladder

Have you ever found yourself in a large forest with no place for carrying water? Do not let this happen after you have killed a deer with your arrow and bow. Take the deer’s bladder and clean it carefully, then use it as a nature flask. Tie it up with cord for easy carriage.

14. Intestines

In most cases, the long length of sinew found in intestines is used the same way as tendons. The intestines are considered thin, utile them for more flexible work like packing meat substitutes or for storage as a whole.

15. Medicine

During past up to date, animals are used as medicine for treating diseases and relieving illness in human beings. The parts of deer, including tendons, Penises, and antlers, are used to make medicinal products.

16. Bouncy eyeball

Remove all the meat connected near the deer’s eyeball. Clear the eye and get a bouncing eyeball for kids. You can as well experiment by roasting to see what will happen or leave it to dry.

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