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10 Uses of Gold

Gold is a naturally occurring substance. Its properties give it its wide range of uses. Gold can be shaped easily into anything. Also, it does not tarnish. Gold is shiny. Its sparkling appearance enables it to market itself. People like glittering things. Who wouldn’t appreciate a gram of this elusive and metal? The following are some of the most common uses of gold.


1. Jewelry

For thousands of years, Gold has been used to make glittering necklaces, rings, etc. In fact, the everlasting popularity of gold is due to the jewelry industry. Gold is versatile. It can be shaped into any shape and size. Also, it can make a pretty alloy on other metals. Gold is also associated with people who have deep pockets. This also enhances some form of popularity for the metal.

2. Making currency

Long ago, gold was used to make coins that were used as standard currencies for many kingdoms. The tradition has so far declined but, most governments save their property in the form of gold. It is estimated that almost 10% of all the gold produced is used as a form of currency. In modern times, gold has been digitized. It is currently treaded in the Exchange Traded Funds as a tool of trading.

3. Dentistry

Gold has been applied in dental treatment for more than a thousand years. It is used for crown refilling and bridgework. Gold is non-toxic and does not develop rust; hence the reason for its widespread use. In the recent past, gold has been applied for covering teeth for beauty.

4. Medicine

The Chinese used gold in ancient times for the treatment of skin ulcers and smallpox. In modern days, gold is used to make nanoparticles used for the treatment of cancer. They are applied for their small size to deliver drugs to targeted areas in the body during chemotherapy treatments.

5. in space

Space exploration ex [poses individuals to dangerous sun rays and other materials Gold is used to protect astronauts from these particles. Therefore, their gear has a gold plate to act as a filter. In another application, it is used by space vehicles to reflect infrared rays.

6. Manufacturing

Gold can conduct heat and electricity while reflecting light. Also, it is used as a lubricant in heavy machinery.

7. Decoration

Many high-end buildings are decorated with the use of antique gold. Gold leaf is widely applied for these works. An example is the Criterion Restaurant in London.

8. Printing

Gold is currently gaining momentum in 3D printing. It can also be used for coating CDs to resist scratches. Furthermore, gold ink is long-lasting of high quality.

9. Electronics

Gold is a natural conductor of electricity. Therefore it is used in making computer chips enabling easier passing of information and reception.

10. Food industry

High-end restaurants and hotels use gold leaf to coat their extravagant foods. The metal is not toxic and has no taste or smell. It will however not get digested.

The bottom line

Gold is used in many companies for decorations, smelting, etc. the uses grow day by day.

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