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Uses of felt

Felt is a type of textile material that is obtained through matting, pressing and condensing fibers together. It can be made from synthetic fibers including petroleum acrylic, wood pulp rayon, and acrylonitrile or from natural fibers like animal fur and wool. The textile is considered as the oldest from the time of history. Cultures across the world have legends who know the origin of felt. Legends from the Sumerian claim that felt making originated from urn Amman of Lagash. It is evident that felt was discovered in central Asia at places like Mongolia and Siberia. Moreover, Felt is applied in purpose because it has special properties. For example, it extinguishes fire, absorbs sound, dampens vibration and holds large fluid without getting wet.


1. Automotive industries

Automotive industries involve organizations and companies which design, manufacture, develop, market and sell motor vehicles. The industry does not have services for maintaining automobiles like fuel stations and repair shops. Felt is applicable in automotive industries because of its property of vibration dampening. When cars are turned on, they vibrate violently but you cannot feel the harshness since it has felt around. It is majorly put on body parts to avoid their fastening from becoming loose. Also, felt is placed inside the engine to prevent unwanted materials from getting inside as well as keeping parts together and tight.

2. Toys

Toys are items designed for kids. Playing with toys is not only enjoyable but also a way of training children in social life. Different materials such as wood, plastic, clay, and paper make toys. Other toys are made from felt that give them a soft feeling. Toys manufactured from felt are safer for young children seeing that it is smooth, unlike metal or plastic.

3. Music instruments

Music instruments are devices made to give musical sounds. Therefore, anything which produces sound is a musical instrument. Unnecessary vibrations are avoided when it comes to tom the music industry. Felt is used to set up drums in order to give clean sound. A bass drum is capable of crashing or getting out of line if it does not have felt. In addition, felt is put inside hammers of a piano so as to tighten and slow down tear and wear.

4. Used in casinos

The casino is a public building or room for gambling. They are mostly built next to touring attraction centers like restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, shopping essence, and hotels. Some host lives entertainment like sports, comedy, concerts. Felt is refined by machines to make them smooth and offer luxury. This property has made felt to be used in casinos. The smooth green surfaces on roulette tables and blackjack are felt.

5. Decoration

Hand made products have become more popular in modern society. They offer originality and a sense of uniqueness. Felt is used for light decoration alongside bubble wrap foil, chain, and plastic. Women also use necklaces and earrings made from felt.

6. Mobile protection

Most people need screen guards or screen protection for their gadgets to prevent them from cracking. Have you ever tried felt protector? It is important for protecting your mobile from scratches. You can replace the cover using felt of the desired choice.

7. Furniture and wall

Every living room requires furniture to make it look attractive. You can embellish the living room area by designing armchairs made from felt. It is not only used for furniture but also in making felt wall panels. This makes your home look like a masterpiece.

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