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Uses of Diamond

When discussing the hardest metals, diamonds should always be on your list. Diamond is the purest allotrope of carbon and has carbon atoms set out in cubic crystal lattice formation. Its hard properties make it one of the most valuable metals. This article will examine and discuss the common uses of diamonds.

1. Cutting metals

Diamond is the hardest metal known. It is durable and resistant to bending due to its remarkable strength. Due to this property, it is used in many industries as a cutting tool.

2. Cancer Treatment

Diamond is the source of Nanodiamonds particles that help treat cancer. During the extraction of diamonds, there other valuable compounds are generated. An excellent example of these by-products is the Nanodiamonds used in making chemotherapy drugs. In addition, these compounds are used together with chemotherapy to offer long-time destruction of cancerous cells.

3. Making Jewelry

Diamond is the only metal that challenges Gold in making alluring art. This metal has a high refractive index, 2.4whichis gives it a better brilliance and beautiful nature. Many jewelry-related industries lie on this metal in the jewelry-making process. Some products made from diamonds include Necklaces, rings, pendants, and earrings.

4. Wrinkle Nursing

Diamond products are used in wrinkle treatment. Diamond products are rich in some nutrients needed for skincare. Its hardiness properties, for instance, Diamond products make the skin firm and improve the functioning of skin pores. In addition, most expensive beauty products contain diamond compounds, E.g., the Diamond Speckled spray.

5. Drilling Tools

Drilling tools are known for their hardiness. In the process of making these drills, hard metal is preferred. Since the old days, diamond metal has been used to make drilling bits and other building tools due to its hardiness. Diamond metal is not prone to breakage or bending; therefore, it fits best in making drills.

6. Computer Semiconductors

Diamond is a bad conductor metal due to a lack of free electrons in its structure. This property makes the metal more favorable in making computer semiconductors parts. In addition, the metal is a poor conductor of heat, and thus it can withstand high electric charges and heat.

7. Teeth cavities treatment

Diamond tools surround the working environment of the dentist. Dentists’ drilling tools are products of diamond metal. The hardiness property of diamonds makes them the best metal to use when making Dentist drill tools. Similarly, most artificial teeth are made of diamonds.

8. Micro-bearings

Most of the low-friction micro-bearings are made of diamond products. Diamond is an abrasion metal; thus, it can easily overcome wearing-away and scrapping defects. The bearings made from this metal are likely to be low-friction and durable.

9. Coating process

Diamond is a valuable metal in making alloys. It is used in the jewelry industry to coat alluring products like necklaces, rings, and earrings. Due to its hardiness, it is also used in making wear-resistant metals and pipes


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