15 uses of when in sentences

When is a word that is mainly used to ask questions as well as a conjunction, and in addition, it is used to introduce relative clauses? One may define when, as a word, that shows the time something is about to be done. Simply when it is a word of many uses, that is, it may be used in different sentences but express different meanings each time. For example, it may be used to show the present tense or the past tense of a sentence. Other examples that clearly show the uses of when in sentences are as follows;

1. Used as an interrogative pronoun

An interrogative pronoun is a word is basically used as a question. The questions may be posed directly or indirectly. As an interrogative pronoun, when is used to ask questions related to time. Example of when in a sentence include; when are you coming home? When was the last time you went to church?

2. Used as a conjunction

A conjunction is a word that connects clauses, phrases, words, or even sentences. For example, Margaret dropped the glass when her husband walked into the room; all will be lost when everyone gives up on life.

3. Shows the time that was

This simply means that when it is used to refer to the period of time, an action happened. This use still applies under the conjunction use of when. For example, Bolt broke the world record when he was 22 years old, Italy became popular when the Covid pandemic began.

4. Expresses just that moment

Expressing just the moment means that when it can be used to show the exact time that a thing is done or should be done. For example, stop singing when the president walks in, Put on the ring on her finger when she is done with her dinner.

5. Shows at any time or every time

When it is used to show how often a thing or an event happens. A reader will understand that the writer is meant to explain using when the moment a thing happens. For example, when she eats starch, she falls sick, and the world comes to an end when everyone gets sick.

6. Indicates if an even would or was to happen

When it is used to show the time, an event will happen if it was to happen. Simply when it is used to show in the event that or if. For example, An athlete is disqualified when he is found using drugs, and the judge will sentence him to death when he finds him guilty of murder and manslaughter.

7. Shows consideration

This simply means that when can be used in a sentence to show that the writer can alternatively use another way or thing instead of the intended. For example, why use a public bus when you can just order a taxi? Why would anyone throw away food when others are sleeping hungry.

8. Used to show in spite of the fact that

When may be used in a sentence to show or rather to explain that an event was done, although it would have become better. Simply it means that when may be used just the way it is used in a sentence. For example, I quit playing football when I might have had a career change with it; the blind girl won the competition when everyone thought she couldn’t.

9. expresses the time in which or occasion at

In conjunction, when it is used to show the time at which something should be done, or a decision should be made. For example, next month is when schools should reopen, it is during a pandemic time when everyone realizes how short time is.

10. Used as a noun

A noun is a word that normally refers to a person, a thing, or a place, among others. In this case, when it may be used in a sentence to act as a noun. We have noticed that when shown at different times, the thing may or are likely to happen. When can both refer to that time at the same time when it acts as a noun in the same sentence. For example, she overworked herself too much about the hows and whens of life.

11. Used in indirect questions

An indirect question simply is a polite way of getting information or making a request. When is used in such sentences to make them as polite as possible? For example, the teacher asked me when I would be ready to start classes, and the sports director asked his junior when he would reschedule the reopening meeting.

12. Asks information about the time and even happens

When it is used to show time and may be used to inquire about the time, something would happen. For example, when are you leaving town? When did you get your degree? And when will you get your certificate? Among other examples.

13. Shows what or which time

Simply when is used to show different times, and in this particular instance, when shows the time at which this has been done or expected to be done. For example, life-long insurance for the people who have renewed them since when.

14. Talks about the present

When may be used in a sentence to show that the events happening are doing so at the present time, for example, in a sentence, when you eat that fruit, there is a strange taste in your mouth. When you complete this test, take that present with you.

15. Refers to the future

As discussed above, when can be used to show different times, and in this case, one may use when in a sentence to refer to future events happening. For example, when the pandemic is over, I will always be punctual at work; when the year ends, I will get married.

In conclusion, it is evident that when it is mostly used to refer to the time at the same time, it is used to give a different meaning to different sentences. It is upon the writer to choose the correct sentence to use when. We have learned that it may be used as a conjunction, or noun, to ask questions, and to refer to specific tenses that are like the present and the future, among others discussed above. Therefore it is evident to conclude that when it shows different meanings, it all depends on the context it’s being used.

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