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10 uses of electromagnets

An electromagnet can be said to be a magnet that attracts metals only when electrically activated. The current that passes through the coil to the magnet is what makes it an electromagnet and makes it highly electrified to perform any task.

Electromagnets can be used in most fields, most especially the industrial field. Its scope of use is easy as it can be easily controlled because it is active when the electric current is turned on. It has diverse use in most parts of the world, in which we will take a look at a few of its uses below.


1. Musical Equipment

Musical equipment that is being used in churches or events is all operated or works with electromagnets. Big loudspeakers, electric bells, and other electric recorders all operate by the action of electromagnets.

2. Used to control switch in the relay

The switch in a relay that causes its operation through the flow of current in the wire is operated by an electromagnet. The switch would not be able to operate in that manner or loudness without the electromagnetic force that operates in it.

3. Used in transportation

The movement of trains in the rails is operated by an electromagnetic force. The train moves or gets stuck with the rails by a magnetic force and the electric force from the train aids the free movement on the rail.

4. Electric buzzers and bells

The solid sound and operation of the electric bells and buzzers are by an electromagnet. The bell has coils of wires around the iron rods, with this, when an electric current placed on the iron rod and hit, it will produce that loud sound.

5. Generator

This is another important use of electromagnet, because, we do use the generators almost every day. The generator has a magnet and a copper coil in which when given electricity would cause the coil to rotate against the magnet and make the generator operate superbly.

6. Induction Cooker

Of course, the induction cooker is another well-known use of electromagnet in the modern age. The cooker itself has an inbuilt magnet in which when electricity passes through it, the force of current can cook your foods for as long as you want.

7. MRI scanning device

The magnetic resonance imaging device is a scanner that operates with the electromagnetic force. It is used in the hospitals to scan inside the body of humans and detect most fractures and other issues. It has an inbuilt magnet and operates with the flow of electricity.

8. Mobile and telephones

The electromagnetic force present in mobile and telephones is what gives us the chance to make long-distance calls with quality sound without being getting interrupted unless by a network.

9. Elevators

An elevator is another important application of electromagnets. Without electromagnets, the elevators would not be able to function properly. With the transfer of electric current to the magnetic elevator, it would be able to move and operate properly. If there is no transfer of electric current, the elevator would remain stagnant.

10. Computers and copy machines

Computers and copy machines operate with the aid of electromagnets. These devices have an inbuilt magnet that would only operate by the flow of electric current.

The electromagnet has a wide scope of application in our daily life and without which, it would be extremely difficult to carry out major activities.

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