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10 uses of crude oil

Crude oil can be said to be a dark viscous liquid or an unrefined petroleum product. This substance is composed mainly of hydrogen and carbon, therefore it can be called a hydrocarbon. There are different types of important hydrocarbon compounds present in crude oil, they are; paraffin, aromatics, and Naphthenes.

Crude oil is so very much important in plant earth and can be used for different purposes. Some may sound new to you, but its uses and applications are so wide. Let’s take a look at few uses of crude oil below.

1. Used in clothing

This is a good and common use of crude oil. Petroleum which is an unrefined crude oil manufactures products such as nylon, polyethylene which all used for the fabrics to make the clothes we put on.

2. Used as fuel

I would say this is the most important use of crude oil in the modern age. The fuel which is an essential product is used for our cars, seas transport and also air transport. Fuel is also used in heating and in our homes to power up generators.

3. Used to produce household tools

Most of the household tools in our homes are all made for crude oil. From the kitchen utensils like pot, spoon, and other domestic appliances like the AC, TV, fans, and others. They all have an origin form crude oil when it is processed.

4. Used to make toys

Almost all the toys used by our kids are produced from crude oil. The toys are plastic and could also be alloy. These above materials come from crude oil and without it, there would be no toy.

5. Used in agriculture

Crude oil is very essential in the place of agriculture as it is the main origin of the pesticides and fertilizers that are used for the proper growth of plants and chasing away from pests.

6. Used to make plastics

Plastic is one of the most important raw material in the modern age as its uses are so wide. Plastic is produced from crude oil and it can be sued in the packaging of food, PVC, and many others.

7. Used to produce furniture

Almost all of the furniture in our home is made from crude oil. The sheets or fabrics that are sued to furnish the chairs, tables, couches, and shelf all originate from crude oil, and that’s why it’s so important.

8. Used to make insulation

As most of our homes have, the insulation is a petroleum-based product that is used to regulate the temperature in our homes. It regulates the heat that comes in and goes out of the room.

9. Used to make the paraffin wax in lipstick

Of course, this might sound weird to you but it is very true. With crude oil, the lipstick and the container that it is are what they are today. Without crude oil, there would be no lipstick for ladies in the world.

10. Used in powering up industries and companies

From crude oil, we get the diesel, engine, oil, fuel, and many others that are used to power up our industries for work to be carried out. With this, there is electricity and it would make work to be done in an easy way.

Crude oil is the major raw material in most nations all over the world. When the price of oil falls, almost everything goes with it and vice versa.

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