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25 uses of windmill

The windmill can be said to be an engine that converts the force of wind energy into rotational energy. It is made up of blades or sails as you may call it that helps in driving the wind force.

The turning of the blades and the force or energy it drives is used for various purposes. Below, we would take a look at few uses of the windmill and why it is so important in the modern age.


1. to mill grains (gristmills)

In this process, the grain is poured into the millstone and through the rotation of the blades of this machine/structure, the grains are milled to flour. With this, there is an easy way to produce flours.

2. for pumping water from the ground

This is another important use of windmill in the modern age. It involves fixing a pump to a well and connecting the windmill, and during the rotation of the blades, the force would drive water to go into the well from the ground.

3. Used for irrigation

When the windmill motor is fixed to the well and a pump is connected to it, you can use it for irrigation in your farmland. When the windmill rotates, it drives the flow of water to the pump.

4. for drainage pumping

The windmill can be used for drainage pumping as through the rotation of the blades of the windmill, water is pumped to the ground or drainage for supply to the various place of use.

5. for processing tobacco

With the aid of the force or action of the blades or vanes of this motor, you can process tobacco to the form that you desire. It can be processed in a very smooth form and without difficulty or stress.

6. for processing spices

The windmill is so functional that it can be used to process or grind spices. The force and energy given from the blades help to grind the spices to the form that you desire and that is an easy way for processing.

7. for processing cocoa

As we all know, cocoa needs to be processed to a better form so it can be sold and used for various purposes. The use of the windmill is a good way to grind your cocoa seeds and make them consumable.

8. for processing paints

Of course, it may sound weird to you, but actually, it is a good motor for the processing of paint. Paints can be processed by various engines, but the use of windmill is easy and has proven to be more efficient.

9. for processing dyes

There are different types of the windmill and they are all used for various reasons. A Dutch windmill is used for the processing of dyes from different woods and minerals. This is an awesome and very good way of processing dye.

10. To pump water through steam locomotives

The steam locomotive is a kind of locomotive that produces water through its steam engines. It is an interesting fact to know that the windmill with a pipe fixed to it helps to pump water to the steam locomotive for easy access to water.

11. Stock watering for farmers

With the aid of the windmill, water is pumped for livestock in a farmer’s house so they won’t be difficult access to water. It is either fixed close to the livestock or connected with a pipe for them to drink.

12. To generate electricity

The windmill is used to generate electricity and it is called a wind turbine in the modern world. With the spinning of the blades or vanes, the electricity would be produced to power up any place.

13. for extracting oil from seeds

It can also be called a grinding mill. Those oil reach seeds do need something tough and efficient to extract their vegetable oil. The windmill is the best at that and aids incomplete extraction of the rich oils.

14. for pond aeration

Through the power or force of the windmill that is connected to a pond with a pipe, the pond would be aerated. There is no other easy way of pond aeration than with the windmill as you won’t have to suffer any more for water.

15. for greenhouse irrigation

Greenhouse irrigation is not an easy process as you would need to go through difficulties in getting water. But with the windmill, you can get constant water for your good greenhouse.

16. for modern farming and energy

The windmill is a good motor that can be used for modern farming activities like irrigation and driving of energy or wind to the farm’s direction when needed. With this, you wouldn’t need to depend on the natural wind.

17. Turn large magnets inside a generator to create electricity

You can also call the windmill wind turbines. It can be used to turn large magnets of generators by the spinning of its blades thereby creating electricity. This is very important as it can be used in industries.

18. Used to kill birds

This could be regarded as an offensive use, but it is used by farmers to kill birds that infest on their plant crops. And this machine is very effective in doing this as the birds would no longer be a pest because of fear of the sharp strong blades.

19. To process wheat

If you’re ever looking for an easy way to process whets to a consumable form, the windmill is the best answer. This motor with the aid of its blades movement grinds the wheat to a smooth form.

20. Saw-milling of timber

This is very effective for those that are finding an easy way to saw their timber. With the aid of a sharp saw connected to the windmill, timbers can be sawed to different sizes or shapes. It is an easy process of sawing timber.

21. To produce sugar

There are only two left of sugar-producing windmills in the world. There are very effective in the production of sugar and it is still used till today.

22. to process wool

This is another old use of windmill, but it is still being used for this purpose. As I said, there are different windmills and the machinery type is used to process wool.

23. Used for paper mill

The windmill can be used to power up a paper mill. This paper mill is an industry that specializes in making papers or notebooks.

24. Used to power up threshing mill

Windmill has sharp and strong blades that have the capacity to rotating thereby driving energy that would produce electricity for a threshing mill (grain mill).

25. to process stone products

This is another significant use of the windmill. Stone products include limestone, marble, and others. They can be processed in different forms with the windmill.

From the above use of windmill, we have come to know that it is not just an ordinary structure, but one with many applications or use.

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