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15 uses of Xanthan gum (polysaccharide)

Xanthan gum is a well-favored food additive that acts as a thickening agent or stabilizer. It’s a polysaccharide, and it is natural. It has a lot of uses where cuisinier use to stabilize their elements(ingredients). It was discovered in 1960, and they used a fermentation process to produce xanthan gum from simple sugars. The name xanthan gum comes from the bacteria used. (Xanthomonas campestris) This bacteria defiles mostly Cruciferous plants, e.g., Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, which leads to bacterial wild and black rot.

The output (finished product) does not contain bacteria, so they can be used with no risk of getting infections.

Let’s talk about using Xanthan gum and its benefits.

1. Reduce cholesterol. People used xanthan gum for about three weeks. It was found out that their cholesterol level went down. They are still researching to confirm that it is positive. We don’t have enough evidence on this. Soon, we will be getting positive results on cholesterol reduction.

2. Used in ice cream industries to stabilize end-product:  Mostly ice cream manufacturers use xanthan gum to stabilize their products during the churning process. Their products end up being smooth, with no large crystals formed. It can stay for over a week being smooth so long as you have xanthan gum.

3. Wets dry mouth
Xanthan gum wets dry mouth because it contains moisture and does preserve moist for a very long time. This happens as xanthan preserves the moisture within your mouth. A lot of toothpaste companies are using Xanthan gum. Most people who are suffering from kidney dialysis do have mouth-drying problems as they have a restricted fluid diet. Xanthan gum will be helpful to them as it preserves water in the mouth hence keeping them wet.

4. used to lower blood sugar levels and stabilize it
In recent research, it was found that xanthan gum can reduce or lower the glycemic index in cereals, especially rice. Xanthan gum can be mixed with the food and undigested at the same time as the food, no more timing after or before we eat. It was also known that xanthan gum could obstruct sugar level from spiking when it’s mixed with beta-glucan. (beta-glucan is a type of sugar that is found in plants)

5. Cancer treatment and prevention
Xanthan is used to slow down cancer growth. In 2014 a rat with melanoma( skin cancer) lived longer than expected; they used xanthan gum to suppress the tumor growth as it grew slowly. We can use our gum to treat cancer.

6. used as a Laxative Xanthan gum is a thickening agent and a stabilizer; we can use it to preserve moisture. In the process of digestion, it swells the digestive tract keeping it moist so that the Gastrointestinal function works efficiently.

7. Thickening agent Some of our industries are using xanthan gum to keep thick uniformity. In their products, e,g it’s used to thicken drilling oil. Also, we can use our gum to thicken the sauce. We do use fat roux and other agents to thicken gravies, but some of the agents are not gluten-free, and they cannot eradicate fats. Xanthan is gluten-free and can give you clean gravies with no fat.

The food that contains xanthan gum include:

  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • salad
  • mayonnaise.

And many others I haven’t mentioned here.

8. Reduce constipation
Xanthan gum contains a lot of water hence increasing water movement in the intestine. Xanthan will create a soft and bulky stool hence no constipation. Its well knew that the thickening agent increases the stool frequency and amount. If you have constipation problems, please use xanthan as a food additive; you will be fine.

9. Emulsifier

It retains water. This means it can be used to bind water within a product; hence the product will not separate. Industries are using xanthan in keeping their products together, like in oil-based salad and cosmetics. Remember, our polysaccharide is no an emulsifier; it only stabilizes emulsion; hence oil will not separate the same to salad dressing. IN normal condition, whether oil or vinegar used can separate, but when we apply xanthan gum, it will be perfect no separations, as xanthan gum will stabilize our salad.

10. Xanthan gum is used to administer drugs

Xanthan can be used to release drugs into the bloodstream( at a faster rate of releasing drug); mostly tablets do take a longer period so that it can be absorbed into the blood, Either pills or tablet with the help of xanthan gum releasing rate of the drugs into the bloodstream will be fast.

11. Substitutes Gelatin
Gelatin is a gelling agent that was obtained from collagen; it has the same properties as xanthan gum (thickening, stabilizer, and texturizer). Vegans and vegetarians can avoid gelatin by using xanthan gum 100% working thickening agent and a stabilizer.

12. cocktails: It can be used to increase the density of any liquid. So we can apply it to our cocktail; this will allow fruits or particles used to be suspended.

13. Balls and SpheresIf we want to create a sphere and our product has a lot of water, we won’t be able to create a sphere or any ball at all. Use xanthan gum; our agent will ensure a perfect sphere or ball formation.

14. Foams and mousses: People are getting creative to give you that; mousses and meringue are quite stable and do drop slowly. For this effect to be on our en-product, we use xanthan gum of which is natural no chemicals, which means some of the side effects are avoided. (1g/liter)

15. Celiac: Some of us can take in gluten products, or we do have allergies, and you work hard to remove gluten from your diet, just use xanthan gum as it is a natural thickening agent. Most industries and home backers are using our polysaccharide gum thickening biscuits and also pizza. Celiac patients do have sugar problems, but xanthan gum reduces the absorption rate of sugars into the bloodstream. Take your time and use xanthan gum for some reasons you will enjoy and save your expenses.


Xanthan gum does have great effects that are positive, but we have some that are negative. But not everybody does.

1. People with diarrhea, as we know now, xanthan gum can act as a laxative preserving water in our digestive tracts; this will make diarrhea pretty crazy.

2. Allergies.

Their other negative effects before using them check out where you stand fast. It is advised to see your doctors before starting to use xanthan gum.

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