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Uses of Whipped Cream

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Whipped cream, also known as Chantilly cream, is a type of cream which is mixed with hand mixer whisk or food processor until it becomes light. This high-fat liquid comes from processed milk like centrifugation (divide fat of milk from serum). Whipping cream has high-fat content like fat globules, which help to make a stable structure stabilizing and surrounding bubbles of air. Additionally, the average content of milk fat found in the whipping cream is 30 % to 36%, depending on weight.

Other components include and water of whipping cream and proteins like casein micelles and proteins. Heavy cream is put in mechanical aeration to produce culinary colloid of whipped cream. Besides, it can be flavoured with orange, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, or sugar. Recipes of the 19th century use gum tragacanth like whipped egg whites, diphosphate, and gelatin in order to stabilize whipped cream. Also, it may also be produced within whipping siphon by utilizing nitrous oxide as gas since carbon dioxide has a sour taste. The siphon can be replaced by cartridges or sold as a retail package. Learn more about this sweet decadent from toppings to deserts.


1. Topping for desserts

Putting whipping cream on your favourite dessert recipes will make your day special. The cream gives new styles of cutting over 35 whipping cream deserts. From a variety of whipped cream cakes, pies, dessert served with fruits. You will surely have a difficult time to which dish to make first. The ingredients required are a cup of heavy whipping cream, vanilla, honey, sugar, or maple syrup. Instructions include placing the mixer in the freezer for 20minutes, pour the ingredients in a cold bowl until you achieve stiff form. Besides that, you can add tartar cream for stabilized cream, which will stay longer in the fridge. The nutritional value is 10mg calcium, 11mg potassium, 1g carbohydrates, 5mg sodium, 5g fat, 1g sugar, 220 IU vitamin A and 3g of saturated fat.

2. Used to make the sauce

The best homemade sauce to make with whipping cream is Alfredo sauce. It is a fantastic sauce that can replace pasta for it creamy and thick with excellent flavor. This sauce requires simple ingredients like butter, minced garlic, salt, pepper, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and Italian seasoning. These simple ingredients are blend and melt together to create an elegant masterpiece. Moreover, the procedure for perfect sauce includes mixing dairy ingredients, put whisk seasonings, stir cheese, simmer then toss using pasta. Enjoy making the restaurant recipe at home with natural substances and spend less time.

3. Ingredient in soups

Making a heavy creamy soup is a hearty and rich recipe for dinner during the cold night. The secret for thickening your soup is by use of heavy cream. Whipping cream does give not only higher density but also lends a rich and milky flavour. The most common method for putting cream in the soup is through stirring moderately when the soup is cooking on heat. The soup should not boil; therefore, heat should be medium. To add on that, the typical measure for heavy cream is by measuring a half cup for every eight bowls, but you can use less or more depending on the preferred taste. After the soup has become hot, add the whipping cream slowly and stir with a deep bowled spoon, the mixture is blended. Taste a spoonful of soup to ensure the flavour achieved is according to your choice.

4. Used in coffee

Lightly whipped cream gives amazing results when put in coffee .coffee professionals do not like to use heavy cream because it will be like adding large butter into something. The common procedure is by making coffee in the usual way, then whip cream with vanilla until it is soft. After putting coffee in a mug, sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa powder and serve it while hot alongside favourite nuts. Most notably, you can transfer this drink into less carb dessert by adding small dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content.

5. Used in milkshakes

There is a good reason why most people love to chase whipped milkshakes. The simple ingredients required are heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, milk, ice cream, chocolate curls, and nuts. The directions followed are beating cream on a stand mixer, process milk, and ice cream for 1 minute in a blender. Then put milkshake in a tall glass, spoon a generous amount of whipped cream onto milkshake, and sprinkle chocolate nuts.

6. Garnish hot chocolate

A cup of deliciously rich chocolate during the cold winter makes you warm inside. To get sweet chocolate, you simply top it with homemade cream. For rich and creamy chocolate, include sugar, cocoa powder, cream, milk, water, vanilla, and a pinch of salt in your recipe. Before you start the cooking, put your bowl in the freezer to be cold, heat water in a saucepan, add sugar, cocoa, and salt. Then, whisk the mixture, pour milk, add vanilla, and whip the cream until stiff.

7. Put in alcohol or vodka recipes

Alcohol that is infused with a cream such as Smirnoff whipped cream to cover the lily. It is super easy to make alcohol whipped cream, just like other ways. You begin by beating cream on a large bowl, sprinkle sugar, fold in and feel free to use more liquor as you want.

8. Put in cocktail

Homemade whipping cream is simple, fluffy, and gives the best results when included in a cocktail. You need to add cream in a cocktail shaker, sprinkle syrup, add water, and sugar. After achieving a stiff form, close the shaker and shake it vigorously to enjoy your delicacy.

9. Garnish variety of food

Whipped cream is not only used for sweet taste, but it is an amazing staff for garnishing food. Chefs are no longer worried about garnishing dishes with pretty things, for they have a variety of them. From fresh citrus, juice to whipping cream that is frequently used in desserts. The cream has become the easier dessert garnish, for it adds richness and lightens rich meals. The cream is whipped, added in desserts, or even melted into the soup. Also, it gives a fresh smell, becomes crunchy, softer as well use it to garnish salads.

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