15 Uses of Rosemary

Rosemary, also called Rosmarinus officials, is usually an evergreen needle-like shrub and contains a woody aroma. It is known worldwide for its many benefits and usually has oil that can be extracted from it though it not a true oil since it does not contain fat. Rosemary is usually very effective, usually recommended in small doses despite the desired results. Let take a deep look at its uses to better understand the essence of rosemary in our lives.

1. Improving brain function

Inhaling rosemary oil helps reduce the chance of breakdown of acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain responsible for thinking, concentration, and keeping long-term memory. Hence use of this oil is greatly helping students and people of different age groups to concentrate for longer hours while old people are improving their memory hence reducing the chances of suffering from memory loss.

2. Stimulating hair growth

Why to use very expensive oil to help improve hair growth while rosemary oil is cheaply available, and when applied on the hair scalp for a while, it can reduce hair loss, a condition called androgenic alopecia also called pattern baldness. This condition affects both males and females. Rosemary oil has the capability to neutralize the body hormones that cause baldness. The oils also help fasten hair growth; as a result of enhancing beauty.

3. Act as a pain reliever

Did you know that rosemary oil relieves pains like joint pain, chest pain, and headaches when applied to the itching part? The oil usually works miracles on such pains hence restoring comfort.

4. Acts as a pesticide and repel certain bugs

Rosemary oil is so useful on the plant as pesticides to kill insects and worms that attack the plant hence increasing the crop yield without affecting the environment and plant since the oil is natural and friendly to the environment. The oil also kills bugs like bedbugs, which spread harmful viruses and bacteria to human beings. These bugs, for example, bedbugs and mosquitoes, cause discomfort during sleep; thanks to rosemary oil, when used, good sleep is restored.

5. Acts as a stress reliever

Stress is caused by factors like exam forbid, poor health, and lack of cash flow. Inhaling rosemary oil reduces the heart pulses, which is an indication of short-term stress. Relieving stress leads to peace of mind and good health since stress poses chances of developing health disorders such as insomnia and mood swings.

6. Acts as a circulation booster

Poor circulation of the blood into the blood poses health risks such as fatigue, coldness on some body parts like feet, and hands a condition called Raynaud’s disease. Taking a cup of tea with rosemary leaves boiled in it helps restore good blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels hence good circulation and warmth to the extreme ends like hands and legs. Massaging the cold areas with rosemary oil can also ease circulation, restoring warmth.

7. Helps perk you up

Did you know that rosemary tea can help refreshen one up incase of mental strain and fatigue as a result of strenuous activities of the day with no breaks? Rosemary tea helps one cheer up and think quickly after such a day. Applying rosemary oil on the head can also relax the mind since it plays the same role as taking it in the tea.

8. Acting as anti-inflammation

We all agree that the swollen parts of the body are usually uncomfortable and distract one’s attention. Thanks to rosemary oil, when you apply on swollen parts of the body or part affected by athletics, which is a disease that causes joints to swell, it relieves the pain and reduces the inflammation within a short time as compared to any other medications available in the market. The same oil relieves inflammation on animals when applied to the affected part.

9. Act as anti-cancer

Rosemary has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which helps fight against cancerous cells in the body. People with a family history of cancer are reducing the chances of having any type of cancer by taking rosemary tea.

10. Helps fasten digestion

Rosemary usually stimulates the liver to produce bile, which, in return, helps in the digestion of fat in the body. It helps in fastening digestion and reduces the chances of bloating of the stomach. In the process, rosemary activates its own antioxidant protective mechanism to protect the liver, in turn reducing the risk of suffering from any type of liver disease.

11. Remedy for food poisoning

Taking rosemary, for example, in tea form helps reduce the chances of suffering from food poisoning; this is made possible by the fact that rosemary prevents the growth of certain bacteria that cause food poisoning in the body.

12. Act as a catalyst in some antibiotic drugs

For faster health restoration when taking antibiotic drugs, combine with rosemary due to its ability to fasten the medical healing effects on the body. This reduces the dose required to heal the disease hence reducing the cost of treatment and side effects caused by antibiotics when taken for longer periods.

13. Helps to watch the weight

Why waste money while buying drugs to help reduce weight while the use of rosemary, which is cheaply available, helps watch out weight boosting health. This is done by taking it in tea form or applying rosemary oil.

14. Protection against macular degeneration

Use of rosemary in tea or oil form helps reduce the chances of one suffering from eye problems related to the aging retina of the eye due to the aging process, and this is because rosemary has carnosic acid, which promotes the health of the eyes.

15. used as flavor

The pleasing smell of rosemary makes it helpful in food seasoning and can be used in foods like tea, fried chicken, and cakes to bring about a good smell and boost the appetite.

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