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Uses of Genetic Engineering

Uses of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is the artificial manipulation and recombination of DNA to make other essential things. It involves biotechnology techniques to change an organism’s genome. It is used to alter cells’ genetic makeup. This technology has numerous technology in medicine, agriculture, industry, and research fields. This article will examine the uses and applications of Genetic Engineering.

Uses of Genetic Engineering

1. Production of insulin

Genetic Engineering is used in the mass production of human insulin in medicine. People who have type 1 diabetes need more insulin to control their blood sugar. However, their body is unable to produce the required amount of diabetes. In such scenarios, genetic engineering technology is used to produce insulin.

2. Treating Infertility

Infertility is a common disorder that affects most couples. Genetic Engineering techniques can be used to solve this disorder. Fertile genes are combined with infertile genes, which improves the victim’s fertility.

3. Crop Improvement

One of the most beneficial applications of Genetic Engineering is in the production of genetically modified crops (GMO). This technique has improved and increased food production. In addition, this technique lowers food production costs.

4. Delaying Fruit Ripening

The Fruit ripening duration is a crucial issue in the market. Genetically treated fruits are likely to have a prolonged ripening duration. This improves their condition in the market and allows them to last longer. Similarly, some genetic chemicals can be used to shorten the ripening duration of crops.

5. In the Energy Production Field

Genetic Engineering has a significant impact on generating energy crops. This technology has eased the process of increasing the energy content in crops and biofuels. On the other side, these energy crops play a crucial role in generating energy. The waste from these plants is converted to methane, a raw material in energy production.

6. Medical Field

Genetic Engineering has numerous applications in the medical field. In Gene therapy, Genetic Engineering plays a vital role in creating new genes and enhancing human growth. The technique also allows the insertion of functioning genes to replace the malfunctioning genes. The manufacturing of drugs relies on this technique. The method controls the production of medicine that is used for diverse genes.

7. Manufacturing of Vaccines

The study of genes promotes the production of potent vaccines. Through the Genetic Engineering technique, vaccines that have infectious organisms are manufactured to improve the body’s immune system

8. In the Research field

Genes and other gene-related information are the raw materials in Research institutions. The collected genes are studied and stored for future usage.

9. Frost Resistance crops

If the temperature of an area falls or rises above the threshold of the crop, the crop is likely to dry up. However, did you know you can control the resistance of a particular crop by making it more resistant? Genetic Engineering has played a vital role in producing frost-resistant crops. These genetically produced crops can withstand low temperatures. In addition, the technique can be used to generate drought-resistant crops.


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