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17 uses of olive oil

The oil is acquired after pulping olive oil; the olive oil is found in the Mediterranean countries. Olive oil has different distinct flavors due to this olive oil id becoming the world’s treasured oil. We have different grades that we can categorize as olive oil: extra virgin olive oil, virgin, and refined oil. Extra virgin olive oil is acquired by crushing the olive fruit directly. The same goes for standard virgin oil. Cold-pressing is the process of extracting olive oil directly from the olive fruit. Refined oil is when, after extraction, they undergo chemical processing, they become refined. We have other grades that can be formed by mixing these grades.


Uses of olive oil.

1. Pain relievers

In olive oil has oleocanthal as a compound, makes it anti-inflammatory properties making olive oil a perfect pain reliever either inside or outside the human body.

2. Manage Dandruff

Olive oil can be used to moisturize your hair and lessen scalp exasperation, consequentially lowers the occurrence of dandruff. If you have dandruff, take a cup of olive oil and heat it for about 5 to 10 mins then rub the oil on your and some parts of its end. Take 20 min most rinse your hair with shampoo. Do this twice a week or, if you can, every day.

3. Hair growth

Olive oil supports hair growth because it has vitamin E, and we all know that vitamin E makes our hair healthy, making it not easy to fall.

4. Lip scrub

Mix coarse sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil for your lips. To make it more effective, you can mix lemon juice because of its acidic properties and add a flavor. You can if this is ok.

5. Eczema treatment

Worldwide comprehensive people do use olive oil as a moisturizer. If you have dehydrated skin, you can apply olive oil because you will not have side effects naturally. It’s Ideal for eczema.

6. Treatment for Diaper-Rash

If your baby has a problem with diaper rash, you can apply this oil. It’s perfect for sensitive skin on kids. It can moisturize the skin.

7. Liver

Some studies show that extra virgin molecules can repair or prevent liver destruction. I contain other compounds that reduce inflammation, oxidative, insulin resistance, stress, and other effects that can lead to liver damage. It has oil MUFA; S is mostly oleic acid, and the phenolic compounds lead to the prevention of the health problems I mentioned above.

8. Eye- makeup extract

You can use it to remove eye makeup; the olive oil plays its part by attracting the other oil-based product giving you a chance to remove the makeup. It is safe to use olive oil on your face. Remember after all this, use pH balanced wash face and warm water

9. Alzheimer’s ailment

The progressive disorder affects our brain cells where they can result in brain cells degenerate and die. They are a result of dementia (a continuous lesson in thinking.) Research shows that adding extra virgin olive oil to your diet prevents or reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s infections. Probably it’s because olive oil protects blood vessels in the brain. In 2019 it was published that consuming extra-virgin oil will slow down Alzheimer’s diseases. That’s because of oleocanthal, the phenolic compounds in it.

10. Depression

Olive oil can be used to reduce depression and anxiety. Some evidence shows that people who eat trans fat (fats in fast food and baked goods) are likely to have depression than those who eat unsaturated fat like olive oil. You are advised to use unsaturated fats like olive oil. You can use it for food and for many other uses.

11. Cancer risk

Some research shows olive oil compounds can lessen the high chances of getting breast cancer. Not all the research and study confirm this. In 2019 it was confirmed that olive oil has substances that may be able to prevent colorectal cancer. During lab tests, it was confirmed that the antioxidants in olive oil could protect our bodies from oxidative, inflammations epigenetic changes.

12. Metabolic syndrome

Are group factors that can increase disease risk, including obesity, high blood pressure, and blood sugar level? These conditions are not new; they occur in our daily lives? In 2019 it was concluded that olive oil compounds could improve the features of metabolic syndrome, e.g., blood sugar, inflammation, low-density lipoprotein, triglycerides, and lipoprotein.

13. Cardiovascular system

Olive oil is the source of fat for people who use the Mediterranean diet. Some research shows people who eat a Mediterranean diet have a high life expectancy rate. In the process, they have a lower chance of dying due to cardiovascular illness. In 2017 research shows polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil may protect us from cardiovascular diseases. Also, we can be shielded from Brain dysfunction, cancer, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

14. Shaving cream

Olive oil can be used as shaving cream; if you run out of shaving cream, you can use olive oil. Apply olive oil on your body before applying it to the blade. You will not feel razor burns and bumps. If you cut yourself accidentally, you can apply olive oil to cover the wound as it has antibacterial properties.

15. Makeup-brush cleaner

You can use olive oil and antibacterial soap to clean your makeup brush. It easy, fast, and saves your money.

16. The ear wax

If your ears have a clog formed due to wax building up, you can use olive oil to remove it. Every night put a few drops of olive oil in your ears. It helps to loosen the wax that’s if it’s excess.

17. Shining

You can use olive oil as a shine serum on your hairstyles; this will save you money and works perfectly.

There are many uses we haven’t mentioned on olive oil like cracked heel repair, cuticle conditioner, antibacterial balm, and so many others. It advised taking extra virgin olive oil contains a lot of components that are helpful to our health. You can also use olive oil on your skin, hair, and eyes.

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