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Uses of straw

Uses of straw

Straws are widely known for their sipping application. However, did you know there are several other uses of straw? If not recycled, the straws end up in landfills, polluting the environment. To fix these problems, there are other areas where straws can be used. Therefore, this article will examine other environmentally friendly ways of using straws.

They include:

1. Electrical Cable Holder

The hollow found in the straw can be used to hold the electric cables. Electric cables should be installed and kept in a safe place when dealing with electricity. This helps to reduce the effects caused by shock. Straw has proved to be an effective way of sipping over cables. In addition, the straw exists in different colors, and the colors can be used to label the electrical cords.

2. Hulling fruits

Removing the outer part of the fruit may be challenging and tedious if you are not used to it. Thankfully, straw can ease the process of hulling fruits. Straw has a hollow at the middle part that allows it to push and pop out on the other side of the fruit. The method is simple and cost-effective as old straws can be used.

3. Making flower containers

Straw exists in a variety of colors. These diverse straws can make a colorful container. To achieve this, take a container you wish to transform, and wrap the straws around the container using cello tape or glue until the entire container is covered with straws.

4. Making Bubble Blower

Straws are suitable for bubble blowers. Using old straws as bubble blowers can help you save the cost of purchasing ready-made blowers. The hollow space found in the straw allows air passage that leads to producing small bubbles.

5. Flower Holders

Straws are available in different shapes and colors. Some larger straws can be used to act as flower vessels. These straws are filled with soil, and the flowers are planted. However, plants with deep roots do not do well in the straw because there is no ample space.

6. Making a picture frame

The picture frame makes the picture attractive and appealing. Straws have found their way into the making of picture frames. You need to get matching straws, glue them on a wooden frame, and then attach the picture. Since there are a variety of straws, you can use straws of different colors to make the frame colorful.

7. Unclogging Bottles

Straws are vital in cleaning bottles and other containers with thin necks. Cleaning a clogged bottle is challenging, as the cleaning tool cannot fit in the bottle’s neck. Thankfully, straws are thin and can easily access almost all bottle parts. Straw can be used together with a piece of cloth (attached at the end of the straw) to clean the clogged bottle.

8. Drinking Aqueous Drinks

Drinking aqueous drinks is one of the main tasks of straws. Straws are used to ease drinking any aqueous drink from a bottle or a cup. Using a straw helps one avoid some awkward scenarios that are likely to occur, e.g., the Pouring of a drink.

9. Hair Curlers

Plastic straws may act as beautiful hair curlers. After using the straw for drinking, you can recycle it and use it for curling your hair. The plastic straw is not prone to rust; thus, it is more friendly to your hair than a curling iron. In addition, the straw is readily available, and the user does not need to incur any cost to maintain it.

10. Necklace Holder

Tangling of necklaces is a common problem that every person tries to avoid. There are several ways to keep your necklace free from tangling, one of which is using straws. Straw has a hollow space that allows one to thread the necklace through it, preventing the necklace from tangling while you are traveling.

11. Making of Vases

Vases are crucial in making our environment look beautiful and should be attractive. Numerous materials can be used in the vase-making process. However, did you know you can make a vase using old straws? To make the vase from straws, take a container that you wish to transform its appearance, and wrap the straws around the container using cello tape or glue until the entire container is covered with straws.

12. Interactive chart

Straw can find its way into the classroom by constructing interactive charts. Interactive charts are the type of charts that have glued words or items to define something. To print out an interactive chart using straws, you need to have strings and glue to attach the chart to the chart. Thankfully, the straws are easily flexible; thus, a user can easily shape any letters using these straws.

13. Paint Blower

Manufactured paint blowers may be expensive to purchase and may not be durable. Thankfully, straws can be used in place of manufactured paint blowers. After dropping the paint where you need to apply it, take the straw and blow it around. Straws allow one to create different patterns using the paint.

14. Acts as a Toothpick

Sometimes, you may not have a toothpick in your hand, and you may need to remove food that remains in the mouth. Straw can be used to perform the functions of the toothpick. Straw is made up of a flexible plastic material. Biting the end of the straw can create a sharp point, just like that of a toothpick.

15. Siphoning

Straws can be used to make siphons. If you have one glass with water or any other aqueous substance, you can transfer it to another glass using straws. Join two or more straws together, and then insert one of the ends in the glass that contains water. Finally, the siphoning technique will draw water from one glass to another.

16. Funnel Extender

A funnel may have a broad base and a thin bottom part. Straw can be used to extend the bottom part of the funnel since they are the same size.


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