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10 Uses of Internet

Today, due to the Coronavirus pandemic most cities have had to induce lockdown, curfews, and urged their citizens to stay at home. Workers have had to collaborate online and meetings have had to switch to online platforms. All these need the Internet. According to the UN, the Internet is a fundamental human right of every individual on earth. The Internet serves so many functions and it has been proved to be a critical feature in society. Most people would want to access the Internet for use in different purposes. No doubt Internet provision has been intensified in recent years. What are the uses of the Internet?


1. Research activities

Research involves collecting history, collaborating with other parties, and even looking for information. Over the Internet one can access databases that contain books, records, and the information that is needed in research. The same Internet enables researchers to collaborate when it comes to remote collaborations.

2. Educational purposes

Thousands of education courses have been uploaded on websites. The Internet is a fundamental need for one to have access to the courses. Some schools have offered online courses where people need to subscribe and have seminars online as well as workshops.

3. Job search

The word job in most browsers has been linked to lists and lists of websites and applications. Internet access enables one to carry search of the websites that link job seekers with employers and other websites that offer direct jobs.

4. Shopping purposes

Malls, shops, stores, and business people have found success in online markets. Individuals can shop from online shops like Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart using the Internet.

5. Communication

The Internet hosts websites and applications that enable information circulation. Gmail, hangouts, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram need the Internet to use. All these enable individuals to communicate.

6. Leisure and entertainment activities

With the Internet, you get so many ways that you can use to spend your time. There are online games, videos, websites that offer stories and e-books as well as live sporting events that can be a great deal of entertainment depending on one’s choice.

7. Exchange of files

With the Internet, there is a possibility of sending files and documents from one end of the world to the other. Using email-attachments, WhatsApp document attachment, or even via File Transfer Protocols.

8. Online banking

Most banks and financial institutions have made websites and apps to enable their clients to get services online. Through the Internet, bankers can withdraw, deposit, or even send money. Transactions via the Internet have increased. Use of money transfer providers like PayPal, world remit, Remitly, and cash app has increased.

9. Employment

The Internet helps individuals get money in different ways. Bloggers, website developers, app developers, and freelancers are the few examples. There are millions of online-based jobs and employment opportunities. People have adapted to an online work environment in the comfort of their homes.

10. Remote sensing and monitoring

The Internet has been used to send images and live activities that are being monitored by cameras. For instance, the GIS can monitor what is happening in a certain area using their cameras from the sky. These cameras send live information using the Internet. Fleet management, event follow up and monitoring of interconnected computers needs the Internet.


The Internet has wide uses in society today. Every person should try to access the Internet, as it is helping shape the future of the world!

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