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22 Uses of Optical Fiber

An optical fiber is thin, that transmits information at high speeds and most of which are made up of plastic threads and thin glasses. Transmitting information through light pulses. There are two types of optical fibers, the single-mode optical fiber that is mainly used to transfer a single ray of light. Secondly, the dual-mode of optic fiber cables that are efficient for short distances. Fiber optical cables are preferable for their long-distance transmissions. Due to its characteristics, optical fiber has had a variety of uses that are applicable in our daily lives.


1. Internet

The fiber optic cables are thin, flexible, and less bulky, thereby efficient in the transmission of large amounts of data across different platforms and high speed. These optic cables can be used effectively in the transmission of signals through the internet from one platform to another. This explains how an individual can communicate from China to the US on Facebook and yet get immediate feedback.

2. Telephones

Long-distance communication is enabled through the use of single-mode optic fiber. This is more practical when communicating with people outside the country.

3. Television Cables

Have you ever wondered why some televisions don’t get access to various channels? Well, the optic fiber can solve the problem since they have a high affinity for strong signals, and they are affordable.

4. Computer Networking

Many large firm’s dealing with vast amounts of data transfer use the optical fiber cables to make the transmission of data from one firm to another faster. The fiber optic cables have been structured in a manner that they can transfer huge data across places.

5. Microscopy

Have you ever wondered how doctors can diagnose diseases like cancer of the esophagus and yet it is inaccessible? The fiber optics make this possible. It is inserted in the affected part, and then it shows the doctors whatever is happening there.

6. Endoscopy

Similar to other fields, the medical situation and medical procedure are intended at keeping the patient safe and sound. ln endoscopy, the fiber optics are used to guide a surgical activity as it illuminates a red light that is used by the surgical team to make incisions.

7. Biomedical research

It aids in experimentation, lab examination, and during observations in biomedicine when researching the causes of disease. During these times, the specimen is observed using the lighting from the optic fiber equipment that is preferred because it has no known effect on animals.

8. Medical Equipment

Fiber optics is used in making a large number of medical equipment including; otoscope, FO headlights, Examination Lights, and Anemoscope.

9. Surgery

During surgery operations, the fiber optics are used for repairing fragile parts such as mitral valves during open-heart surgery. This helps in reducing unnecessary bleeding, and it also gives the patient another chance to live a fulfilled family.

10. Dentistry

Given that it is a thin layer that can be used to illuminate harmful light, it is used by the dentist during teeth examination to help identify the calculus and caries in teeth.

11. Lighting

Have you ever seen these beautiful lights that are commonly used in recreational places such as bars and they make the atmosphere lovely? These lights are transmitted from the source to these rooms through the use of optical fiber cables.

12. Decorations

The lighting decorations that you put on your Christmas tree are made of optical cables. Have you come across the beautiful lighting that is usually in restaurants during special events? These lights that form the pattern on the ceiling are made of optic fiber.

13. Mechanical Inspections

Professionals like plumbers use the optic fiber equipment to inspect underground pipes that they cannot reach physically. By inserting these cables designed with a camera and a sensor, these professionals can understand the problem of the machine.

14. Military Communication

When thinking about the military, do you ever wonder how they get the information given that they can be in a low network place? Well, it is due to the use of optic fiber cable that is characterized to transmit information at a very high speed. Additionally, the optic cables provide secure transmission lines in which the information of the military will be secure.

15. Space operations

When scientist travel to the space to conduct their research, their communication by the people on earth or even within their environment is enhanced by the use of optical fiber.

16. Automotive Equipment

The fiber optic cables are used to create the lights that are used in vehicles both internally and in the exterior (signal lights).

17. Monitoring engineering structures

Optic fiber sensors are used to monitor and detect any defects in engineering structures such as the construction of roads. These sensors enlighten the engineers about the health of the bridge or flyover.

18. Firearms

Handguns and short guns use optic fiber to enhance the visibility of the target. This is (the red light that is seen when a sniper points a gun at a target). The red light is harmless, and if not keen, a target may not see it. Other than that, it is an accurate shot as most of the shooters do not miss the target.

19. Electrical power systems

The optic fiber is used for electric isolation that is intended at reducing the risk of contact with people and other equipment.

20. Wiring of HDTV, CATV

Most broadcasting companies all over the globe prefer using the optical fiber to wire their connections due to its ability to connect through thin wires and send strong signals.

21. Couldoscope

This is the process through which the people who experience major disease infections in the body parts such as the pelvis infection and the optic cable is used to enhance the analysis and visibility of the patient.

22. Peritoneoscope

In this case, the doctors use the peritoneoscope intending to monitor the health of this individual or even seeking better pieces of advice about the issue. Optic fiber cases in most hospital have been used by the doctors who monitor the enemies and the

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