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25 Uses of Sand

Sand can be said to be a rock that is ground more finely than gravel but is not as fine as silt, forming beaches and deserts and also used in construction. Sand can also be called silica because it contains a large proportion of silicon or you can as well call it quartz.

Sand is of universal use as it can be used for different purposes and some could sound weird and new to you. Below, we would take a look at few uses of sand in our modern world and see why it is so important.


1. Used as highway and road traction

The use of sand as a highway and road traction during cold seasons is very beneficial. At this period, ice would be all over highways and roads, if sand and salt are put in these icy roads, it would provide traction thereby making the roads and highways safe.

2. Used in Fracking

There is a kind of sand called the fracking sand which aids in the breaking of holes or cracks in the process of harvesting oil and natural gas. This sand is a kind of propellant that makes it easy to harvest these fossil fuels.

3. Used for putting smooth greens

The smooth greens that we see in our football pitches and golfing fields are all made up of sand. The greens are made up of other substances, but what gives them their firm and smooth nature is sand.

4. Used in volleyball courts

Playing volleyball on a beach that has quality sand is the best as people tend to enjoy the experience and fantastic falls. It would be interesting if quality sands are used as it won’t lead to knee injuries.

5. Used as fertilizer fillers

Sand and granite are the main components that are used as fertilizer fillers in the modern age. Most persons that use fertilizers for various purposes know of the importance of sand as fillers.

6. Used in concretes

Sand is an important addition to concrete that is used in the building of houses, industries, and all large companies in the world. Its importance in concrete with granite cannot be neglected.

7. Used in aquariums

Most aquariums do use sand in their aquarium as they prefer it to granite. Of course, the use of sand in an aquarium makes it look more natural and makes it feel like its and ecosystem.

8. Used in sand filter

A sand filter is a substance that helps in the filtering of water with the aid of sand. This filter makes the water free of particles, algae, and other organic substances, thereby making it pure.

9. Used in painting

Sand can be used in the painting of walls and other places as it aids in the better grip of the paint to the wall. It should be added in small quantities to the bucket of paint and it is very effective.

10. Used in cleaning oil spills

Most oil spills demand something strong and abrasive. The use of sand, in this case, is very effective and helps in easy wiping off the oil spills at any place of contact.

11. Used in growing root crops

This is another beneficial effect of sand in the modern age. Most crops especially root crops strive or grow properly in sandy soil as there flow of water because of its loosed texture.

12. Used to create a path in a garden

Sand is a very good and effective guide or pathway in the garden. Most farmers and gardeners use it so people can be easily directed in a garden and they won’t trample on the crops.

13. Used in making glass

This use may sound weird to you, but it is a fact. Sand in its liquid form after it has been heated thoroughly and would be used in glass industries and make the glass string and highly resistant.

14. Used in road construction

Using sand in road construction is a major use that is known by all. Sand helps to give a protective layer to the road and makes the surface strong so it won’t affect the tires of vehicles when they’re speeding.

15. Used to make sandpaper

Sand and paper are the two components that are used to make sandpaper which is also of great use. This sandpaper is used to make the surface of things like wood smooth and it wouldn’t be of use if not for sand.

16. Used to make sand candles

There are large candles that most prefer to use because of it last long. These candles are called sand candles as they are made with a quantity of sand. The sand is what makes them last strong.

17. Used to clean narrow neck receptacle or containers

With a mixture of sand with hot soapy water, you would be able to clean a narrow receptacle or container. This is as a result of its abrasive nature and nature which would aid its thoroughness.

18. Used in molding

Sand, when mixed with water, can be used in the molding of different things most especially on the beach. With the molded sand, you can make different innovative features.

19. Used in drainage

The use of sand in drainage is very beneficial to maintain a good movement of water in the soil and for it to move in your desired direction without causing a nuisance to your farm or houses.

20. Used in arena footing

Most arena footings for horses are encompassed with sand as the horses should run faster without injuries or issues. Smooth pure sand is best for these places, the dust, and all make it interesting.

21. Used as sand-lime bricks

These bricks are special and are used for the construction of buildings and industries. This brick is strong and highly dependable to be used. So you could use it for Mansory works and others.

22. Used for roofing

Sand can be used for roofing or most buildings. Not necessarily to stop leaking but to put over melted tar. This is cool stuff as it helps to act as an alternative for a while.

23. Used for a sandpit

The sandpit is play stuff for kids in their homes or on the beach. It is not contaminated, but free of germs. It is not toxic and it is of great fun for kids to play with.

24. Used as a sandbag for different purposes

Sandbags are large bags with sand and they are used for various purposes like the controlling of flood into homes and streets and also kind of a shield to military men in battle.

25. to store garden tools

Sand is a good lubricant for garden tools like shovels and hoes. It helps in keeping them in a good state so they won’t rust.

Sand is superb with its use in our modern world. It is very important in the earth’s crust and is not just ordinary.

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