15 uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that belongs to the genus Aloe. This plant is grown for medicinal and agricultural uses. It can be used directly from the plant. However, the plant should be mature to get more concentration of active ingredients. You can also buy aloe vera products such as gels, creams, ointment, or capsules. Aloe vera is safe for most people, but it can cause allergic reactions and irritation. Therefore, you are required to pay attention in case of adverse reactions. Let us review the uses of aloe vera.

1. removes acne

Acne affected people of ages, but it is common in teenagers. It causes pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Acne can go away when you get the right treatment. You can clear acne with fresh aloe vera. In addition to that, you can buy aloe vera products for the face such as toners, cleansers, and creams. These products are highly effective because they contain other ingredients. Acne face products made with aloe vera do not irritate the skin like other acne treatments. The research found out that cream with aloe vera is more effective than acne treatment alone.

2. good for oral health

Aloe vera has powerful properties that act as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. It cleans the teeth and kills bacteria, which causes a cavity. Moreover, limited research argues that the plant can treat gum diseases. Another research found out that patients who had oral issues showed improvement after using aloe vera toothpaste. This toothpaste decrease levels of gingivitis, plaque, and candida. To use aloe vera raw plant, You need to put the liquid in your mouth then gaggle for some minutes before you swallow.

3. cures burns

aloe vera is referred to as a burn reliever plant. Studies found out that it can be used to heal first and second degrees burn. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which fasten the circulation of air and moisturize the area. It also prevents the growth of bacteria on the wound. Research shows that aloe vera treated patients who had partial and superficial thickness burns. Apply aloe vera on a burn for few times daily to see quick results. Severe burns will need medical attention before you use aloe vera.

4. treats anal fissures

Anal fissure comes when you pass a hard stool. This condition can cause pain and start to bleed with the bowel. An anal fissure can also bring anal sphincter spasms experienced in the ring of muscles. Anal fissures can come back if they are left untreated. You can promote healing by applying aloe vera on the infected area daily. Most doctors recommend aloe cream to treat the affected area for six weeks.

5. great for digestive

Aloe vera is great for digestive tract ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome and stomach conditions. It is ranked as the best traditional medicine for indigestion. This is because it has essential enzymes that help in the breakdown of fats and sugars. Besides that, results found out that aloe vera plant healed irritable bowel syndrome fast compared to placebo. Additionally, patients did not suffer from side effects.

6. balance intestinal flora

Flora lives in the digestive tract of living things like human beings and animals. Intestinal flora performs important functions in the body. It produces several enzymes that break down fat, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates. Breakdown of food nutrients promotes digestion and allows the absorption of food. Therefore, intestinal flora should be balanced to avoid diarrhea and inflammation of the colon. Aloe vera helps to restore and balance intestinal flora.

7. prevent ulcers

Aloe vera is a good remedy for stomach ulcers. One study showed that rats that consumed aloe vera lower the level of stomach acid, which causes ulcers. Another study carried out found out that aloe vera has significant ulcer healing effects, unlike omeprazole, anti-ulcer medicine. Lastly, humans can also drink aloe juice to get rid of stomach juice.

8. treat heartburn

people of all ages experience heartburn after they consume certain foods. It is caused when stomach food is brought back to the esophagus. Persistent heartburn is not good for our health. Aloe juice consumed three ounces during mealtime can help to decrease heartburn. You can also drink juice daily to prevent heartburn. The plant is safe to drink because it does not contain toxic substances.

9. lower spread of breast cancer

Millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer across the world. This cancer can occur in both gender, but it is common in females. Decreasing the spread of cancer is the only way cancer can be fought. Researchers found out that a compound called aloe-emodin can lower the spread of breast cancer. However, the study needs further advance to prove the suggestion.

10. keep vegetables and fruits fresh

We wish to have a long shelf duration of our farm produce before they go bad. Long duration helps to save money and prevent harmful chemicals. According to the Cambridge university press, tomato and vegetables coated with aloe vera gel remained fresh. Similar results were also seen on a practical done on apples. This means that aloe vera helps to keep produce fresh. It contains properties that prevent grown from harmful bacteria from food. Henceforth, the shelf life of vegetables and fruits is increased.

11. decrease blood sugar

Blood sugar is essential in the body for giving organs and cells energy. Abnormal blood sugar levels are the reason for diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes can lower blood sugar by taking two spoons of aloe vera daily. The plant gives hope for treating diabetes in the future. Ensure you talk to your doctor before you start to consume aloe vera. It is not advised to take it when you are taking glucose-lowering medicine. This is because both medicines can reduce blood sugar to unhealthy levels.

12. relieve constipation

You should try aloe vera if you are looking for natural laxatives. It aids digestion; hence it helps to prevent problems related to food. People use the medicinal plant to treat constipation. The recommended dose is between 0.04 to 0.17 grams.

13. prevent wrinkles

Aloe vera lowers the aging process. It promotes the production of collagen and makes the skin to be elastic.

14. treat mouth ulcers

Mouth sores, also called canker sores, appear inside the mouth or below lips and can last for a few weeks. Aloe vera lowers the size of the sores, lowers pain, and aid healing.

15. antioxidant

Aloe vera contains a large content of antioxidants that are important for our health. Antioxidants prevent the growth of bacteria, causing diseases in human beings.

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