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80 Uses of Neem Oil

Neem oil is a plant extract that is used for a wide range of useful therapeutic, cosmetic, healing, and medical purposes. The Indian lilac is the tree that produces this oil. Neem is rich in many nutrients including fats, glycerol, and minerals. It is used as a herb and for the production of skin products.

Moreover, the fruit and leaf extracts of this plant are majorly used for the production of pesticides. The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed the presence of the natural insect repellant called azadirachtin in neem oil which is used in the production of environmentally friendly pesticides.

For many years, neem oil was used in India for medical interventions. In fact, it was considered to be able to heal any infection. The oil has had considerable improvements in agricultural fields. This article will, therefore, look at the uses of neem oil in each of the fields it is said to be relevant.

Neem oil in cosmetics

1. Smoothes Wrinkles

Neem oil fights bacteria beneath the skin that may otherwise be responsible for accelerated ageing. Keeping the skin soft, for long

2. Relieves Dry Skin

Fatty acids- the building blocks of fats and oils are a natural component of neem oil. These fats are used to nourish your skin when applied to it. Therefore, they fight against skin dryness and cracks.

3. Reduces Eczema

Neem oil can be used to soothe symptoms of eczema. It does not, however, cure the condition because, in some instances, it is hereditary. Such cases require more than just a herbal intervention to cure.

4. Used to relieve the itchiness of the skin

Rashes and red spots can cause a lot of discomforts. Neem oil has been proven to be a remedy to such conditions.

oil not just smoothens wrinkles and fine lines but also makes your skin look young and supple.

5. Cure Dermatitis

The antiseptic properties of neem oil help it to be able to get rid of skin-attacking pathogens. By so doing, bacteria that cause pimples and cracks are destroyed leaving healthy and moisturized skin.

6. Prevents swellings on the skin

Pimples and redness of the skin which later causes the damage of the skin is caused by bacteria. Neem oil has Nimbin compounds which are good at preventing them from causing damage.

7. Scars

After healing from an acne episode, your skin sustains marks and spots. Neem oil helps to make them disappear.

8. Regeneration of new skin cells

Neem contains a non-comedogenic agent that removes impurities and helps to regenerate the damaged skin. By so doing it heals the skin from previous damage.

9. Removes Dryness

The oil has vitamin E. this and the fact that it has fatty acids makes it easier to penetrate the skin restoring the anti-evaporation barrier that enables the skin to be re-moisturized.

10. Fights Acne

Acne is caused by bacteria and dirt embedded in the skin. Neem helps to open the pores while killing all the bacteria thus rest5oring the natural skin glowy nature.

11. Skin Conditioner

Most of the cosmetic products for skin conditioning are made from neem oil. Its intensive use on skin makes it the best skin conditioning agent.

12. Treats Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by itchiness, irritation, and redness of the skin. This condition is painful and when not treated, it leads to bacteria that may attack and leas to further infection. Neem oil is a powerful reliever of this condition and besides, it protects the affected areas.

13. Itching

Neem oil prevents skin dryness which contributes to itchiness of the skin.

14. Stimulates Collagen

The presence of active collagen in the body slows the process of ageing.

15. Cure skin fungal Infections

Neem oil helps in destroying fungi which is responsible for several skin infections such as ringworms.

16. Skin Toner

It tones the skin leaving it in a healthy, young, and smooth state.

17. Removes Blackheads 

Using diluted neem oil on your face helps with clearing blackheads.

18. Treats Scabies

Scabies results from bites from mites. Neem oil is an anti-pathogen agent which fights off any kind of foreign disease-causing micro-organisms. It, therefore, eradicates the skin parasites such as scabies.

19. Anti-Aging Serum

Neem oil helps in maintaining skin integrity. This makes it to last fresh for long; eliminating ageing accelerators.

20. for Face Application

It has proven as the best remedy for your facial skin due to its therapeutic properties.

21. Reduces Hyper-pigmentation

It reduces the production of melanin. When melanin is produced in large quantities, it leads to pigmentation.

22. Ringworm

neem oil has antiseptic properties that help in relieving both bacterial and fungal infections including ringworms.

23. Warts

Organic neem oil comes packed with beneficial remedies for skin irritations and warts.

24. Moles

These are skin conditions that are treated by the simple application of neem oil.

25. Cold Sores

Cold sores can be as a result of fungal or bacterial attack. They are both destroyed by neem oil.

26. Herpes

This oil has no toleration of skin conditions such as herpes that attack leaving painful skin ulcers. Neem oil helps in preventing such conditions.

27. Urticaria

These are patchy red marks left on the skin due to allergic reactions. It is eased by antihistamine agents which is a component of neem oil.

28. Inflamed Wounds

It comes with anti-inflammatory which enables it to accelerate the healing of minor skin wounds.

Benefits for the Hair

29. Dandruff

Neem oil is used to make anti-dandruff shampoos. It improves the health of the scalp thereby eradicating dandruff.

30. Treats Head Lice

Neem oil can be applied to your hair to rid it of stubborn lice.

31. Improves Hair Texture

Neem oil is one of the best hair compounds that give the best results. When used regularly, it leaves your hair healthy, strong, and untangled.

32. Promotes Hair Growth

It helps in accelerating growth by strengthening the roots of the hair.

33. Removes Split Ends

Split ends on your head are not such a good picture. Neem oil will take you through a complete re-innovation of your hair as well as moisturize it for a better look.

34. Treats Frizzy Hair

Neem oil provides you with a perfect hair conditioning that encourages a great shiny look.

35. Scalp Health

With all the remedies that neem oil provides, one that matters most about your hair is the ability to treat your scalp.

Neem oil on medical and therapeutic uses

Neem oil is not only used to care for your external body organs such as skin, but it has medicinal and therapeutic advantages as well. Below are a few of them:

36. Gastric Ailments

In India, this oil was widely used for many things. Ione of the most used for was stomach upsets and aches.

37. Indigestion

Neem oil is ingested to deal with problems of indigestion.

38. Stomach Ulcers

Gastric ulcers are one of the most difficult to heal and painful wounds. They occur in the stomach and the intestines. Neem oil is capable of curing them when taken regularly and in required portions.

39. Gastrointestinal Ailments

The oil is capable of restoring PH imbalance in the mouth, stomach, or intestines thereby correcting all the abnormal behavior such as the formation of ulcers in these parts.

40. A Painkiller

Neem oil has been confirmed to have anaesthetic properties. It can be used to ease internal pain.

41. Cancer

Neem has properties that doctors consider are important in preventing the occurrence of cancerous cells in the body.

42. Immune Booster

Neem oil is regarded as top contain immune-boosting properties that are necessary for fighting pathogens.

43. Viruses

Neem destroys pathogens such as viruses. This property helps in treating smallpox and chickenpox. It further prevents relapse of such a disease.

44. Gingivitis

Neem helps in treating gum disease which results in bleeding and swelling of gums.

45. General dental care

Issues of bad breath, toothaches, gum, and root infections are all dental problems that neem can treat.

46. Antiseptic Properties

Neem has antiseptic properties that make it good for sanitization and eradication of bacteria on surfaces. Adding to the properties mentioned, neem is a powerful compound that can be used in making antiseptic liquids.

47. Making Medicines

It is used in the manufacture of medicines for the treatment of arthritis, cancer, blood sugar, diabetes, sickle cell conditions, inadequate blood, and indigestion among others.

48. Making Cosmetics

Neem forms an essential oil for the industrial manufacture of many cosmetic products for hair and skin health.

49. Making Pesticides

Predominantly, neem oil is used in the large scale manufacture of pesticides. The main component of the oil is used as an insect repellant.

50. Fungicides

As earlier noted, neem contains antiseptic properties which are enough to destroy fungi attacks.

51. Germicides

Neem oil is an antiseptic that fights off pathogens. Therefore, it is used in the manufacture of germicides since it interrupts and prevents growth and infestation of germs.

52. Pet Care Products

Neem oil is used in making pet care products such as sprays to prevent lice attacks.

53. Mosquito Repellent

Neem oil can be used as a preventative measure for malaria attacks. The oil is a mosquito repellant. Therefore, it prevents you from being bitten by Anopheles mosquitoes.

54. Prevents Mosquito Breeding

Neem oil discourages the breeding of mosquitoes. Its odour prevents spread and breeding in areas of contamination and where there is stagnant water.

55. Cures Cuts & Bruises

Neem prevents inflammation and bacterial infections of an open wound. That is why it would be a great remedy for cuts and bruises at home.

56. Natural Insecticide

Extracted oil serves as a natural insecticide and can repel away locusts, mites, beetles, etc.

57. Contraceptive

Neem can be used as a family p [planning tool. when used before sex, scientists claim that it has a higher prevention rate in both males and females.

58. Promotes growth

The study on birds about the growth property of neem oil successfully showed that neem oil promotes growth by improving the antibody titer.

58. Protection of the brain

Neem has been proven to be able to protect brain tissues including the whole central nervous system.

59. Good with the kidneys

Positive results were obtained when the oil was used in the prevention of oxidation in the kidneys.

60. Anti-diabetic

Credible data has shown that neem oil has anti-diabetic properties; such that it can be used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

61. Reduction of blood sugar level

The blood sugar level in the body may result in conditions such as pancreatic failure, diabetes, and blood pressure. Reducing sugar levels protects you from all these conditions.

62. Anti-toxin

Carbon tetrachloride is a major toxin in the liver. A research was conducted on the performance of neem oil on this compound. Results proved that it was significantly reduced in the presence of the oil.

63. Anti-inflammatory

Neem oil has significant anti-inflammatory properties that help the body from inflammation.

64. Anti-oxidant

Antioxidants are good for diabolizing radical compounds in the body which are responsible for disease spreading. This is an important step in the treatment process.

65. Nail fungus

This is a nail condition caused by bu fungi. It can be eradicated by neem oil.

66. Ringworms

This is a condition that attacks children and adults. It is usually as a result of fungi.

67. Athletes foot

Also, this condition is a result of fungi which cause spots on the feet of children and adults. it can be tackled by applying neem oil at home.

68. Herpes

This is a viral infection that may be transmitted from one person to another. Usually, earlier stages can easily be cured by the use of neem oil.

69. Hepatitis B

This condition can be treated with the use of neem oil.

70. Stress

Neem oil odour can be used to relieve stress.

71. Mental wellness

Your mental health depends on the stress levels in your body. Neem oil helps with this respect.

72. Aromatherapy

This is the use of smell and odour for therapy. Neem oil is used as a relaxant.

73. Treatment and prevention of Dengue fever

Dengue is caused by a mosquito bite. Since neem is used as a mosquito repellant, it can be used to prevent dengue fever.

74. Cleaning surfaces

It can be used as an antiseptic. Cleaning surfaces such as kitchen counters helps to eradicate germs.

75. Farming

After extraction of neem oil, the neem cake leftovers are nutritious for the soil.

76. Menstrual pain

It is used to relieve pain caused by menstrual cramps.

77. used for the treatment of blood disorders

Anemia and other disorders can be remedied by neem oil.

78. Treatment of piles

This is a condition causes by itching rectum, pain while releasing stool, etc. neem oil is good at treating these conditions.

79. Menopause effects

Symptoms of menopause can be painful, neem oil can be used to ease these pains.

80. Obesity

Obesity can result from too much sugar, or be genetic. Neem oil eliminates excess sugar hence helps in reducing the risk of obesity.

The bottom line

Neem oil is a universal herb used for almost all ailments including skin protection and prevention of insect attacks.

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