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10 uses of visible light

Visible light can be said to be a form of the rays of light which include; infrared radiations, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, radio waves, or we can as well say electromagnetic radiation. The above radiations cannot be seen with the eyes, you can only see a little part, that part you’re able to see is what called visible light.

Anything that gives off waves or rays of light that we can see, is what is called visible light. There are a lot of visible lights in the world today and they all have important uses in which would look at below.


1. We use it to see

This is the main and most important use of visible light in the modern world. There are lights like an electric bulb, fireworks and other sources of light rays, with their shiny rays, we can see things and make a dark room visible.

2. To make lasers for use in a surgery room

Laser light is a collection of light or concrete of light that is then pronounced as a beam. The laser lights are used in surgery rooms as the rays make it clear for a surgeon to see and carry out his activities. There is also a surgery called the laser surgery and that is used to cut tissues.

3. for our television

The waves of light that make the television that we use to have fun and watch videos is made up of visible light. Without visible light, there is no way we would be able to focus our eyes on the TV and watch movies and other entertainment.

4. for our cell phones

Of course, the ray of light in our phones is made up of visible light, or you can as well say, visible light in encompassed in it. The phone screens would have been difficult to view if it was just the main waves of light.

5. Used for signalling

Visible light can be used for signalling thorough the VLC (visible light communication). This is a kind of communication technology in which data can be transmitted at a speed of 10kbit/s.

6. Use of military

This is another important use of visible light. The military fighters do use it when going on missions in the dark to be able to identify their enemies clearly without their enemies seeing them. The visible light is fixed into a kind of big eyeglass and it could have different colors.

7. Vehicular communication

With the headlights from vehicles and the traffic lights in the road, there is a vehicle to vehicle communication. This communication or use exist due to visible lights fixed or used in these headlights and traffic lights, if not, there would be accidents and chaos.

8. Information signboards

As we all know the signboards emit light in the night for an easy view to see the information given. The led-light incorporated in these signboards is visible light and it’s very beneficial in our modern world.

9. ID for rooms

These lights are fixed to the top of each room may be in a hotel or other large story buildings for easy identification of the rooms. This here makes a lot of sense and it makes good sense.

10. MRI scanners

Of course, the MRI scanner in our hospital is made up of visible light. It is also made up of other rays like the radio waves, but it can be switched to visible light for various functions.

With this, we can see that visible light is good stuff, which is not harmful but has come to serve humanity.

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