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7 Uses of a pulley

Lifting off heavy objects from the ground requires the use of a pulley. Usually, a pulley consists of one when or more. We use pulleys almost every day in our lives. One of the simplest types of pulleys that can be explained is the pulley with one wheel. The end of the rope has a weight attached to it, to help in lifting objects from the ground only when an equal amount of force is applied. For instance, if a weight of 80kg is attached to the end side of a rope, then an equal force of 80kg should be applied on the other end. Some of the uses of pulley include;

1. in an elevator

The pulley is used to reduce the friction and too much strain in the electric motor in the elevator. Elevators use a pulley system to carry and pull the weight of five or more people from the ground, against gravity. The main reason why elevators use pulleys is that it distributes weight evenly, making the elevator much lighter. You do not have to do any additional work lifting yourself off the ground.

2. Used for drinking water

Pulleys are used in fetching water from the well, for domestic use. This is the most convenient and effective for use in rural areas. People can now get drinking water with ease using a pulley. The most common type of pulley used in this case is one whereby the top part of a bigger plastic bottle is cut, or where buckets are used in drawing water from the well.

3. Raising a flag

Ever thought of what could happen if one could climb the flagpole manually to raise the flag? It could have been too much work, hence the invention of a pulley. Pulleys help in raising a flag to its pole.

4. in vehicles

Furthermore, pulleys are used in vehicles to increase the power of the car and to enable them to run smoothly.

5. Lifting cargos

Moving your things from one floor of the building to the other can be challenging, especially if you rely on manual force. Pulleys help in moving your items to the desired floor, hence making your house relocation much easier.

6. Drawing curtains

Pulleys are also used in drawing up theater curtains and the curtains that we use at home.

7. Extended ladders

Ladders have been a part of our life for many years. They help us get to the top of the roof with ease. In addition to that, there are extended ladders, which you can use for your convenience and get to the top of the highest shelf or on top of the roof.

8. in cranes

Pulleys are mostly used in cranes to lift building materials in the air to construct taller buildings. When you use more pulleys, you can pull heavier loads much easier. However, you have to pull up more rope to help you in moving the load by the same amount.

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