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28 Uses of Paperclips

In the current world where we want to do things ourselves and in some way demonstrate our creativity along the way, we tend to repurpose items, and one of those items is the paperclip. By definition, a paper clip or sometimes paperclip is actually a device used to hold sheets of paper together. It is made of steel wire bent to a looped shape and some are even covered in plastic. The paperclip was invented in the year 1899 by Johan Vaaler, a Norwegian inventor with degrees in electronics, science, and mathematics. Although there is an unsupported claim without evidence that Herbert Spencer, the originator of the term “survival of the fittest”, invented the paper clip.

With that brief history of the paperclip, they can be used to serve many purposes depending on how diverse you are. You can look at the paper clip and find multiple uses for it that are unrelated to its intended purpose of holding sheets of paper. Even scientists have tested individuals’ divergent thinking and capability to come up with various functions or a list of possible things they could do with a paper clip. Here is a compiled list of the most convincing uses for the paper clip:


1.    Crafting Mini Sculptures

Most of us are a fan of crafting or just like trying our hands at mini-sculpting at our own free time. Paper clips make the best and perfect material for crafting mini sculptures since they can easily bend. Moreover, they come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and even sizes. Paper clips cost less money and more of our imagination. You can make miniature weapons from multiple paper clips and glue.

2.    A makeshift Mobile Phone Stand

In case you are tired of holding your mobile phone while you are relaxing, watching some YouTube videos or when you are cooking and at the same time following a recipe you found online with a couple of quick bends to the paper clips, you can come up with a makeshift phone stand. With a makeshift cell phone stand, it won’t be necessary to have your phone on your hand while doing all these activities. You can actually do them with your phone standing on the table.

3.    Making DIY Antenna

With just a simple paper clip, you can boost your radio, television or phone signals. This is a fantastic use for the paperclips. The paper clip antenna comes in handy in case you are out of range to get a signal wherever you Also, they could cut cables costs by making a DIY antenna for your television using the paper clips.

4.    Making impromptu Sewing NeedleDaily Uses

You find yourself in a situation that actually demands a sewing needle but you see none and all you have are paper clips. The paper clips can come in handy in such situations. Depending on the size of the paperclip; these impromptu sewing needles can be useful for sewing canvas materials such as tents and the soles of our shoes. I have seen situations where paper clips are used to put stitches in individuals in case of emergencies.

5.    Creating DIY Bookmark

With just a bit of ribbon and paper clips, you could create beautiful and adorable bookmarks for your novels and storybooks. With these bookmarks, you can always mark the pages and continue reading from where you left from with ease. Any individual can make any number of adorable bookmarks by using paper clips, using hot glue or wire-wrapping technique.

6.    Paper Clip Toe and Finger Splint

Paper clips can also be used to craft emergency toe or finger splint to keep the toes or fingers intact and prevent ourselves from further injury until we can get some medical attention. This is one of the best things about repurposing a paper clip- paper clips came in handy when we are in an emergency.

7.    Making fish hooks

You can make an ordinary paper clip into a fishing hook. You just need to take the paper clip and straighten it and with your pliers coming in handy, you make a small loop. Using the same pliers, you need to craft a hook in the paper clip and then tie a string and attach a rod and you will ready for fishing.

8.    Using paper clips as Lock-Picks

Because of their bendable nature, you can use paper clips to pick your lock in case you lock yourself out. Even though not common nowadays, most padlocks can still be picked with paper clips. Paper clips defiantly allow us to shape them in almost any way that would get the job done. It is a crime to use the paper clips to get into someone else’s safe or house. There is no problem using paper clips to pick locks in your own home.

9.    Securing Bags

If the plastic bags have no zip lock or any other options of closing them, you could use paper clips. Just place or keep all the things in the bags and perfectly roll the content and secure them with a paper clip. You could also use the paper clips in securing wrapping bags for gifts. You just need to perfectly wrap your contents, be it a gift to a loved one, and then use paper clips to hold the box and wrapping bags together.

10.    Fashioning a racerback Bra

In order to fashion a racerback bra all you need to do as a lady is to slip a strap into each end of the clip and quickly turn a standard bra into a racerback bra. You will definitely have both the support and the look you wanted for your bra by only using a paper clip.

11.    Creating DIY Motor

In order to build a functioning motor or teach your children or students to built one using paper clips, all you need are actually a few paper clips obviously, electrical tape, pushpins, and nails. This process is complex and depending on the age, you should not allow your kids to play with these projects without an adult around.

12.    Battery Heater

For this section, you will need a nine-volt battery, battery connector, electric tape cover, and a paper clip to make the battery heater that will actually heat the paperclip. The first step is to unravel the paper clip in order to make a metal rod and then connect the battery connector to the battery. After all these steps, all you need to do is wrap up the red end of the connector around one end of the paperclip and then wrap again the black end of the battery connector. The paper clip will start heating up.

13.    Using a Paper clip as Cords and Cables Organizer

If you really want to go about organizing your cords and cables, you can use paper clips. It is an easy way to keep all your cables neat. Some individuals have drawers full of cables that are actually all over the place and they do not want to use tapes. I think for such kind of people I would advise they use the paper clips. All you need to do is bend the cables and then fold the paperclip around them and you will be good to go. Simple!

14.    Jewelry Clasp

In most cases, our necklace or bracelet clasps can break, and I bet we should never worry since paper clips make for the best and fantastic jewelry clasps in seconds. The process of making the clasps is simple and all we just need to do is to slip the paper clip through a link at each end of the bracelet, and we are good to go. This will also work if you just need a bit of extra length on your bracelet or necklace.

15.    As a substitute for Floral Wire

Paper clips can actually work just as great as floral wire! You will have to bend the paper clip slightly so that the larger part sticks out, then hand it from a nail on the wall. Go out and pick your blooms of flowers from the field or your garden if you have one and easily turn them into a bouquet. You could use it as a gift to your friends but a paper clip is a good substitute for a floral wire.

16.    As Picture Hangers

Paper clips come in handy during our birthdays or any other ceremonial events when we want to show our loved ones how much they actually mean to use. All we need are a box of paper clips and a wire to attach the celebratory messages, favorite memories, and pictures on display.

17.    Used for resetting electronics

With the paper clip end reaching inside the reset hole, this process is very simple. You have to be sure to insert the paper clip gently so that you do not temper with any other parts of your electronic, and again wrap some electrical tape around the paper clip if it is too sharp. We all know that reset buttons in electronic are always hard to reach to avoid them from being accidentally pressed. Paper clips can do the job if you have a problem with your phone or any other electronics.

18.    Cleaning the Keyboard and small holes in electronics

You can use the paper clips to clean small holes in your electronics such as the headphone jacks and the keyboard. Just wrap some tape, tissue or clothing around your paper clip end and insert to give a gentle cleaning.

19.    Finding Tape Ends

I would honestly admit that I am one of those people who fruitlessly run their fingers around a roll of tape. But since discovering the trick, it takes less than a second to find tape ends. When working with masking or electrical tapes, just pop a paper clip on the tape end and it will be easy to find every time.

20.    Crafting a Mini Screwdriver

It is no surprise that a paper clip end can double as a mini screwdriver that could be very useful in tightening small screws just like the ones found in our glasses. All you need to do is flatten the end with a hammer and then use it like any normal screwdriver.

21.    Crafting a Wind Chime.

With extra paper clips lying around, you can actually create a wind chime. You just clip them together to make several chains. We have to take advantage of their flexibility by bending them into different shapes or around baubles. We could also include gemstones, bells or beads that do perfectly fit in these round holes to make the wind chime beautiful.

22.    Crafting Paper Clip Rings

By getting twisty with the paper clips, we can actually make and craft very adorable and beautiful rings to wear. Using Paper clips to craft rings has become so fashionable and trendy. They work well with costume jewelry because you can get whatever style and fashion you looking for with spending too much. In making paper clip rings, all you need are pliers and wire cutters to craft them into beautiful shapes.

23.    Getting Organized with Paper clips

Paper clips are mostly used for organizing or labeling items. Paper clips come in several shapes, sizes, and colors and with all these qualities they can be used to organize or in labeling. There are several different colors of paper clips in the marketplace now, and they can make color-coding tasks or items super easy. This quality of paper clips makes labeling and organization easier, and organization makes it easier finding what you are looking for easier in case you are in a hurry or do not want confusion.

24.    Used as Food clip

This is another handy use for paper clips in the kitchen, especially when fastening or securing food bags. This is particularly practical for paper bags. You could wrap your food into several bags and then use paper clips to fasten the bags before placing them in the refrigerator. Folding the edge of the food bag over and using a paper clip to secure it in place will definitely do the work.

25.    Making Keyrings or chains

In case you do not have a key chain, itis a simple issue that can easily be solved with a paper clip. You just need to hook one end through the hole of your key. Actually, one paper clip can be used on its own or hooked onto a key ring with other keys to create a bunch of keys. It is much easier to get on and off, making it a really practical solution for this everyday problem.

26.    Hiding bra straps with Paper Clips

There is absolutely no need to go out and spend money on a brand new bra when all you can do is transform your own with a simple hack using a paper clip. You need to pull both of your back straps together and fasten them with a paper clip to hide them behind skimpier backs. This could be useful to our ladies!

27.    To open an envelope

Paperclips are used in opening envelopes. There is actually no need to invest in a letter opener if you have a paper clip lying around in your home or office. You just need to do is to unwind the metal of the paper clips and you will be able to slide it under the paper and along the envelope to open it flawlessly without any messy rips.

28.    Hold flowers in place

In case you want to make a stylish bouquet for a friend or to decorate your own home you just need to unwind a few paper clips and use the clips to fasten flowers into place. You could also use them to hold your beautiful portraits and artworks onto your walls.

Finally, from the above list, it is clear that because of its versatility, the paper clip can serve several purposes depending on the situation at hand. I could use the paper clip to even clear my nails and as a hair clip. The paperclips are resourceful and ubiquitous in nature.

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