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10 uses of rubber

Rubber has been in use for over 2 million years. It is a natural product obtained from the rubber tree and as it goes, it uses to keep on increasing. Here are some of its uses:

1. Tires and Tubers

Tires and tubers are made of rubber. They are the biggest consumers of this material. All vehicles, big or small use wheels made with rubber; this the main reason it’s associated with motor vehicles. None can move without the rubber tires.

2. Manufacturing of automobile padding

Rubber is used in the creation of seals and padding for automobile parts. It is used in the padding of breaks and sealing of windshields and windows. Besides it comes in handy as soundproofing materials as well as pads for machinery to prevent performance interruption caused by the vibration of machinery. It is longlasting and doesn’t wear out fast.

3. Manufacturing of airbags

Some vehicles are equipped with airbags that protect the drivers from getting injured in case of a high impact accident. These bags are solely made of rubber that inflates depending on the impact and shields the driver involved from getting any significant injuries.

4. Flooring purposes

In the modern-day flooring technology, most contractors have begun opting for rubber floors in gyms, commercial kitchens, among other places. These types of surfaces provide padding, are slip-resistant. They are easy to maintain and last longer making them an ideal option for those looking to spend less for excellent flooring options.

5. Used in the manufacturing of clothes

In the manufacturing industry, rubber is used in its natural fibrous form to produce expandable and tight-fitting clothes. These include cycling shorts and swimming costumes.

6. Gaskets

Some running machines require gaskets to reduce the risk of leakage or to fill in any irregular space between their parts. There is no better material other than rubber to manufacture these gaskets as it can withstand high friction levels.

7. Manufacturing of erasers, balls and waterproof shoes

Rubber is used in the production of erasers. The erasers are used by students to rub marks made on paper. Rubber makes waterproof shoes and also creates balls used in playing games like soccer and basketball. It has proven to be a safe material around everyone, including children.

8. Manufacturing of nozzle sprayers

Rubber is used in the creation and manufacture of spraying nozzles. These types of nozzles are durable.

9. as a ducting material

Rubber can be used to create quite a several customized sheets which are then turned into a variety of different products. Belts, hoses shoe soles are some of them. Rubber can also be used as a ducting material. These are, of course, industrial uses.

10. Manufacturing of latex and tubes

Rubber gloves used in labs, industries, hospitals, among other places, are made from rubber. They help us keep hands off germs and other harmful bacteria.

Rubber has a lot of uses, and the list long it comes in handy in various ways. It is one of the things that the world cannot without since many things would be incomplete.

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