15 uses of petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a combination of wax and mineral oil that forms a solid-jelly substance. In 1859, the product got discovered by Robert Augustus Chesebrough. Robert found that oil workers needed something to heal burns and wounds. He traveled around New York to demonstrate the magical product. This resulted in the first factory in 1870 with the name Vaseline. Petroleum jelly has several benefits. Read to learn various uses of jelly.

1. Moisturizer

Petroleum is a safe product for the skin. In addition to that, it is considered to be superior compared to other products such as olive, lanolin, and mineral oils. It can be used as a moisturizer on the face. Petroleum serves as an occlusive because it does not add moisture to your face. This means that it seals the moisture available on the skin and reduces moisture lost on the skin. The jelly also protects damaged skin by forming a barrier on the skin.

2. Make up remover

Petroleum jelly is the best substitute for makeup remover. Most makeup removers are alcohol-based and can affect dry skin. When you have run out of wipes and money, consider petroleum jelly. It dissolves all types of makeup applied on the face. Besides that, Vaseline is safe to use around the eyes, unlike makeup remover. It does not irritate eyes and cause rashes. You can use petroleum jelly as a makeup remover every night for amazing results.

3. Base for long-lasting perfume

Perfumes are great for giving you a fresh smell throughout the day. Naturally, perfumes are not meant to last for long days. Henceforth, you will have to reapply the perfume after a few hours. The best way to avoid reapplying your perfume is to introduce petroleum jelly. You can use it as a base before you apply the perfume. It will increase the perfume duration.

4. Prevent stains on skin

Petroleum jelly is used as an ingredient for cosmetics. Stains are common when applying dye or nail polish. You can prevent such stains by applying petroleum jelly on skin before you paint your nails or apply hair dye. Besides staining, the jelly prevents cosmetic items from irritating the skin. You can also use it to get rid of stains.

5. Shine hair

Split ends decrease the fast growth of hair. You can prevent the ends by using Vaseline. Put petroleum jelly on the ends of your hair for one hour and see great results. Wash the hair after one hour. You can also mix the jelly with other hair oil for daily use. Moreover, it gives your hair a shiny look, thus prevents dryness. It also prevents the breakage of hair; hence your hair will grow healthy.

6. Prevents rashes

Everyone looks for better ways to take care of their skin. Dry skin tends to be an itch, crack, and can begin to bleed. For this reason, you will need ointments to relieve the pain. However, some skincare products are expensive and cannot be readily affordable. Petroleum jelly helps to relieve skin rash causes by discomfort or contact with soap or plant. You can also use it on babies to prevent rashes caused by diapers.

7. Treat burn

You should not use alcohol-based products or hydrogen peroxides on burns seeing that they slow the healing process. The best reliever to use when you do not have an ointment is petroleum jelly. This reliever does not contain antibiotics, which can cause an allergic reaction or irritation. Cover the burn with a thin layer of Vaseline, then put a bandage. You should always clean the burn and change Vaseline more often.

8. Treat wounds

You should not worry about running to the store to get anti-bacterial ointments for the wound. Vaseline can be used in place of ointments. It is a great moisturizer for minor wounds such as scratches, cut, and scrapes. It will form a scab and prevent the wound from drying. This will help the wound to heal fast and keep it from becoming itchy and large. Ensure you wash the wound daily before you apply the jelly.

9. Heal pet paws

Dogs are like human beings and can also suffer from human-like diseases. Pet’s paws can be itchy due to various reasons like food allergies. If your pet is licking the paw without stopping, it shows something is wrong. Vaseline can be put on the itching paws to relieve the pain. You can do this by rubbing it on the paw until it is absorbed to prevent the pet from licking. The healing process can go fast when you use socks or bandages.

10 Lubricants

Vaseline can serve as a lubricant. You can use it to remove bangles or necklaces. Apply the jelly on the finger or neck to make the object slip. Furthermore, it can lubricate door hinges when you do not have lubricating oil. Place it around the hinges and swing to spread the oil jelly in all parts.

11. Relieve dry lips

Most people think that lip balm can help to relieve chapped lips. Vaseline is ideal, seeing that it does not cause an allergic reaction, unlike lip balm. Petroleum jelly locks in moisture and prevents dry air and cold from entering the lips. Untreated, dry lips can get infections because they attract bacteria through the cracks. One of the diseases that attract the lips is called cheilitis. You should visit a doctor immediately if the lips are not healing.

12. Relieve eyelids

There are many creams and moisturizers that are not safe for the eyes. Petroleum jelly is safe to use around the eyes. You can apply under the eyes to make the skin look elastic and soft. It also changes skin that appears dry and wrinkled. For good results, apply Vaseline when the skin is damp.

13. Great for nails

Vaseline can be used for pedicures and manicures. Try to use it on nails and cuticles on nail polish. This will help to prevent brittleness and chipping nails. Make sure you apply on damp nails to get good results.

14. Prevents friction

Chaffing inside the thighs is common, especially in ladies. Vaseline is the remedy for all chaffing. Apply a layer of jelly in the thighs to moisturize the skin. It serves as a lubricant and lowers friction when you run or walk.

15. Highlight cheekbones

Vaseline is used as a highlighter to highlight cheekbones.

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