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25 Uses of Vaseline

Vaseline is a household staple made from waxes and mineral oils. Vaseline is affordable and can solve problems in your body if you use them correctly. Vaseline will benefit you if you take these simple precautions seriously. Make sure to clean your skin then dry it before applying Vaseline. Secondly, do not consume it but use it for external purposes only. Apart from the body benefits, Vaseline is also useful around the house. The following are the uses of Vaseline.

1. Heal chapped skin

It is difficult to prevent chapped skin in case you are using tissues to blow or wipe your nose. Petroleum jelly can solve your problem when you apply it to the chapped areas. It will not only heal the chapped skin but also prevent dryness and cracking.

2. Stop blisters pain

When you wear new shoes, then you realize that blisters have formed after an hour. Vaseline can be helpful when you don’t have any solution. Just apply it to the area of the shoes that cause the blisters. It will not necessarily fix it but prevent more blisters before you think of removing the shoes.

3. Hide scuffs on furniture

Many stains and marks on wood furniture are a result of moisture (either excess or less). Smear some petroleum jelly to scratches, scuffs, stains, or rings on your furniture the leave it for 24 hours. The following day, wipe off the excess jelly, then give the region a good polish. You will be surprised!

4. Prevent dye stains

In case you want to dye your hair or someone else’s, take your Vaseline, then apply it around your hair. It will help to prevent splatters and wayward drips of dye from staining the skin.

5. Soften dry lips

In case you are looking for a remedy to soften your lips. Vaseline can be of great benefit in softening your lips when they are dry. Just apply some Vaseline to your lips, then leave it for a few minutes. Finally, scrub your lips gently with a soft and clean toothbrush and rinse.

6. Unstick a ring

You may wear a ring and then discover that the ring is too small hence stuck on your figure. Don’t panic! Just smear some Vaseline on the skin around the ring, slide the ring back and forth before you slide it off.

7. Treat dry skin overnight

Vaseline is a great treatment to heal cracked and dry skin. Apply some jelly on dry patches, then leave it overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you will discover your skin is much softer.

8. Fix sticky shower curtains

Your shower curtain may be stuck on the rod in case you are moving it. Some jelly can solve this, simply smear a thin layer on the curtain rod, then try to open and close the curtain for some time. Your curtain should start to glide smoothly as expected.

9. Remove eye makeup

In case you want to remove makeup and you don’t have an option like the makeup remover. Vaseline is enough to remove it, simply massage it onto your lids, then wipe off that mascara with a cotton pad.

10. Change the texture of your cosmetics

Vaseline is a great product that can transform your powder or matte products into creams. Just mix the jelly with your loose pigments to make your custom cream blush and more.

11. Counteract split ends

When highly exposed to heat, sunlight, or chlorine from a pool can make your hair dry quickly. Apply some Vaseline to hair ends for shine and extra moisture.

12. Avoid skin stains

Some home products like dyes and polishes may mess up your nails and skin. A layer of petroleum jelly on your cuticles and around your hairline will prevent the staining of polishes and dyes.

13. Soothe an itchy scalp

You can reduce dandruff and itching by massaging some Vaseline on your scalp. Make sure you apply less jelly because the excess amount is difficult to remove. For deeper clean-out, mix your shampoo with one teaspoonful of baking soda.

14. Groom facial hair

A spot of Vaseline is useful in keeping the facial hair in check. You can combine it with little beeswax or using it alone.

15. Relieving irritation

Petroleum jelly is a great remedy for dealing with razor burn and sunburn. You will need to keep the container in the freezer. Smear a cold petroleum jelly to your forehead, legs, or other irritated spots for faster soothing.

16. Block swimmers ear

If you are looking for something that can block unwanted water into your ears while swimming, try Vaseline. Simply apply the jelly to two cotton balls, then mold them till they fit both ears. Then enjoy your swim.

17. Cure minor injuries

Vaseline also works best in healing minor burns and cuts. It’s important to clean the region and disinfect it before applying to reduce the chances of infection.

18. Ease back pain

You can heat some Vaseline till warm, then massage some onto your back and enjoy the warming effect.

19. Help to heal tattoos

This is similar to healing minor cuts and burns. You can apply some jelly to your new tattoos for faster healing. It will heal by keeping the area hydrated and smooth.

20. Calm any bug bites

Wasp stings, mosquito bites, or poison ivy can be very irritating. A portion of Vaseline is useful to relieve itchy spots.

21. Open a stuck jar

If it is a hard nail polish top or a pickle jar, some jelly around the rigid lid is effective in loosening it for easier removal.

22. Ward off bugs

A mixture of Vaseline and salt will help in keeping aunts, slugs, and snails from your garden. Put some around the margin of your flower pots so as to keep them off.

23. Freshen up leather

If it is either your best sofa or a leather jacket, apply some jelly on the worn spots to give them a shiny look again.

24. Clean up smudges

Your belt, mirrors, or sunglasses can become sparkly clean if you use some Vaseline with a portion of elbow grease to clean up the smudges.

25. Treat athlete’s foot

Vaseline is effective in eliminating the athlete’s foot. It treats by covering the fungus hence suffocating them. It reduces moisture loss; this leads to the formation of a hydrophobic barrier, which prevents excess sweat for fungus to grow on.

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