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10 uses of Maps

In simple terms, a map could be a visual representation of an area, whether real or imaginary. It could be used to create a visual representation of territory via cartography. A map is so important to planet earth and it is very useful for most professions like the military, mountain climbers, and geologists.

Maps can both be physical that is, in hard copy or it could be in soft copy in your phone or other gadgets. Below, we would take a look at few uses of a map and why it is so important.


1. It helps people get to their destinations successfully

The kind of map used in this case is the general reference map. This map helps tourists who are new to a particular region get to their destination with ease if they read the map carefully and follow the directions.

2. Used to display geographical concepts

The kind of map used in this case is the thematic map. It is used to display and know the relative humidity, density, gradients, and spatial relationships between areas or movements.

3. It is used to locate or identify danger at sea

A navigation map or chart is what is being by sailors at sea. With the aid of the chart or map, they would be able to avoid danger in the sea, like avoiding clashing with other ships in a humid condition or avoiding hitting large underwater rocks that would damage the ship.

4. Used in knowing the boundaries of the land

The kind of map used in this case is called the cadastral map. With this map, you would be able to identify or know the boundaries or divisions of land in a large area. It helps in easy claiming of ownership of a plot when an issue arises.

5. Used in the navigation of aircraft

This is another important use of the map as it helps to avoid accidents and other issues in the air. The kind of map used in this case is the aeronautical map as it helps pilots and those in charge of airlines give instructions and directions to avoid accidents.

6. Used by bikers and trailers to easily identify pathways

The kind of map used in this case is called the trail map. It is used by hikers and trailers who would always find themselves in conditions where they would need pathways through villages, around mountains, or rivers so they can get to their finishing point.

7. Used to show and identify or parcels in a city or country

There are times where you would need maps to identify parcels of land in a city or geographical area to get information concerning it. This kind of map is called the assessor’s map and it is mostly used by government heads or leaders.

8. Used to prevent damages in hazardous areas

The kind of map used in this case is a hazard map as it helps to identify areas that are prone to earthquakes, volcanoes, and others. With this map, a scientist would be able to prevent damages by saving a life.

9. Used to analyze rainfall

Maps are used to analyze spatial rainfall distribution in geographical areas over the years. This rainfall map contains images that are used to detect an area that would have high or low rainfall.

10. Used to monitor disease outbreak

Health maps are the maps used to monitor disease outbreaks all over the world. It works by online latest news and effects. With it, a scientist can monitor and curtail the disease from spreading far and wide.

With this, we can see that maps are so useful to the world and it is necessary to use maps for guidance or direction as it helps a lot.

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