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Uses of Pencil

A pencil is a stick-like instrument used for writing using its thin graphite stick. It is mainly used for writing and drawing purposes. However, did you know pencil has ‘thousands’ of uses? This article will examine and explain the diverse uses of a pencil.

They include:

1. Used for Writing

Writing is the greatest task of a pencil. It has thin graphite that helps make marks and letters on a piece of paper or book. Thankfully, the pencil marks are erasable. In addition, most of the pencils come with a rubber at the end of the pencil. This rubber is used for erasing purposes.

2. Staking small plants

Computer typing technology is slowly eradicating the use of pencils. Therefore, many users are no longer using it and end up dumping it. Instead of dumping the unused pencils, you can use them to stake small plants. The pencil is made of wooden coating, and thus it is strong to provide support to small plants.

3. Making Picture frames

The picture frame makes the picture attractive and appealing. Pencils may be beneficial in making picture frames. You need to get matching pencils and glue them around the picture. Since there are a variety of pencils, you can use Pencils of different colors to make the frame colorful. In addition, since most pencils are wooden, they can make a good picture frame.

4. Unclogging Bottles and containers

Most bottles and containers have a thin neck, and thus cleaning the inner part may be challenging. Thankfully, pencils are thin and can easily access almost all bottle parts. Attach a piece of cloth at one end of the pencil, and use it to clean the internal part of the bottle.

5. Drawing

A pencil is one of the vital ingredients in drawing sessions. Since the old days, pencils have outshined other instruments in drawing. It has erasability properties and allows the drawer to correct any error made without having to draw another picture.

6. Stirring Coffee/tea

Sometimes, while drinking coffee/tea, you may need to add sugar or any other supplement and re-stir. If you do not have the stirring stick, do not panic because the pencil has covered you. All you need to do is clean the end part of the pencil and stir the drink.

8. Hair Curlers

Pencils may be beneficial in curling your hair. It can be used to coil and make curls on your hair. The pencil is not prone to rust; thus, it is more friendly to your hair than a curling iron. In addition, pencils are readily available, and the user does not need to incur any maintenance costs.

9. Making seedlings holes

In the agriculture sector, the use of pencils can be beneficial. People with long and artificial nails may have a hard time in the garden when planting seedlings. The pencil helps make small holes in the ground, saving your nails from the risk of breaking.

10. Guitar Strummer

Playing the guitar can be challenging if you have long and artificial nails. Finger plucking is the greatest enemy of big nails. However, using a pencil to play the guitar can help you from all these defects. It is thin and short; therefore, it can act as a good tool for playing the guitar.

11. Used as lid Opener

During the manufacturing process, the container’s lid is tightly installed. Therefore, you may need to exert more pressure or use a lid opener to open these lids. However, a pencil can be used in place of the lid opener. The pointed end of the pencil can be used to open the container’s lid.

12. Lubricate Zippers

Is your zip failing to budge when you pull it? This a common problem that can be fixed using a pencil. Run the pencil’s lead over the zip’s teeth to lubricate them.

13. Measuring items

A pencil can be used to act as a ruler. It can be used to measure items that do not require actual measurements. In addition, it is used to draw straight lines.

14. Weapon

When listing types of weapons, the pencil should always top your list. The pencil has a sharp end that can be used as a weapon. You do not have to go for big tools when killing small animals, and pencils got you covered.

15. Letter opener

Letters usually have all the openings sealed. Therefore, you need to use special tools like letter openers or razor blades to open the letter. You do not have to incur more cost to open the letter as you can use a pencil. The sharp end of the pencil can be used to open the letter without tampering with it.

16. Acting Tool (Fake cigarette)

There’s no use of real cigarettes or weapons in underage games and plays. Therefore, players must improvise and create a cigarette and weapon-like tools that can be used in the play. In most cases, the pencil is used in place of a cigarette.

17. Keeping sewing pins

While sewing, you need to handle the sewing pin with care to avoid any related dangers. Sometimes, you may need to pause the sewing process and leave the pins attached to the clothes. These practices are risky and may expose the user to dangers. However, you can use a pencil to keep the pins. Most pencils have a rubber end, and you can attach the sewing pins at this end.

18. Winding tape

The pencil is circular-like in shape, and thus it allows the winding of tapes and cello tapes. Cassette tapes, for example, can easily be winded on a pencil.

19. Drumstick

Pencils are wooden, and thus they can be used in place of drumsticks. In a case where you need cool music, you do not have to go for thick drumsticks; pencils got you covered.

20. Cracking Egg

The pencil has several applications in the kitchen. It has eased the cracking process and can also be used to stir the cracked egg.


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