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10 uses of lemon peel

Lemon peel can be said to be the outermost layer or the skin of the lemon fruit. This layer of the fruit is not eaten because people consider it improper and could have a bitter taste. So, most times when it is peeled off, it is usually dumped in the refuse bin.

But in recent times, through scientific research and understanding by most persons, lemon peel is so useful in our life and these uses or applications are so effective and amazing. Shortly, we would take a look at a few of the use of lemon peel.

1. Used to clean dishes and make them shiny

As most of us do know, lemon fruit contains citric acid and when mixed with soda, it is very good and effective in washing dishes. It gives your kitchen utensils that shiny and sparkling surface.

2. Used as Air Freshener

Of course, as used in most homes, lemon peel is a natural air freshener. A good way to get it is by putting the fresh lemon peels in a container or pot with hot water when it simmers a little, you would feel the fragrance.

3. Used to deodorize garbage cans

Lemon peel is a natural deodorant for your trash cans as it makes the trash can smell nice. Before you put the trash and smelly stuff in the can, endeavor to put the peels in the can first.

4. Used as a recipe when dry

When you preserve and dry a lemon peel, it could be used as a recipe for some mixtures like potpourri. So storing a lemon peel in a dry place is necessary as it could be useful for you in the nearest future.

5. Used to whiten the teeth

Since lemon itself is acidic, so is the peel and it can be used to whiten your teeth. You could use the peel to scrub your teeth every morning and it would give your teeth a clean and sparkling appearance.

6. Used to clean stove and microwave tops

Lemon peels can act as cleansing agents for our stoves and microwaves tops. When the lemon has been pressed out of the peel, it would be very effective. When used for this equipment is removes every possible rust and dirt.

7. Used to clean sink and bathtubs

Lemon peel is also very effective and applied in the cleaning of sinks and bathtubs. Its acidic contents are so effective and have proven to be a better cleanser in these areas than soap and sponge.

8. Used to remove grease and stains from clothes

Of course, lemon peel is very effective in the cleaning of grease and other thick stains from clothes. It may sound weird for some persons, but its high acidity content is useful and very good in cleansing.

9. Used to remove hand odor

Lemon peel is a good hand freshener as it gives your hand a good scent and appearance. When the lemon peels are inserted in water and you put your hands into the pot for a few minutes, your hand would have a good odor.

10. Used for skin toning and brightening

Lemon peel when it is ground to a powder is a very good supplement for your skin and gives it that bright appearance. It is very good as it gives your skin that beautiful tone and makes it healthy.

Lemon peel is so useful and the above unique uses are just the tip of the iceberg. When you leave enough in your home, you would certainly benefit from it.

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