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Uses of Teflon

Uses of Teflon

Teflon, also called polytetrafluoroethylene, is a fluoropolymer produced by tetrafluoroethylene and has various applications. The compound was discovered in 1938 by Chemours. Teflon is referred to as fluorocarbon for it has high molecular weight and consists of fluorine and carbon. This compound is hydrophobic in neither substances containing water nor water. Besides, it is produced from loose polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene. Apparatus is needed for the polymerization process to avoid dangerous reactions since tetrafluoromethane can explode to carbon or tetrafluoromethane. The reaction is accompanied by persulfate that hemolyze and generates radicals of sulfate. The end results are terminated by groups of sulfate ester that are hydrolyzed to produce OH-end groups.


1. Tools for styling hair

Styling tools include hair dryers, hair rollers, hair irons, scissors, diffusers, and hairbrushes. Hairdressing uses the products to add volume, texture, curl shine, and hold a specific style. Hair iron is used to make new hair structure by use of heat. Some are used for curling hair, while others are for straitening. Since hair curler needs heat to function, they are coated with Teflon that helps in maintaining the high temperature.

2. Used in fabrics

Fabrics are materials made of artificial or natural fibers obtained from cotton, wool, flax, or hemp to give long strands. Fabrics are formed through crocheting, braiding, tatting, knitting, and felting, weaving, and knitting. They can also be utilized to produce materials like garments. Fabric and carpets are treated with Teflon, which ensures stains are not likely to stick.

3. Used in utensils

Generally, one property of Teflon is that the compound has a slippery surface. For this reason, it is a perfect material for cooking tools. Most brands have coated cookware with Teflon so as to avoid food from sticking. This includes non-sticking pans and pots. Additionally, non-sticking pans help to reduce the amount of cooking oil from their property.

4. Wiper blades

Wiper blades are wiping action even in adverse weather conditions. They help to clear sight of the road and ensure safety. Carmakers ensure that every car is equipped with wiper blades for more safety. Moreover, the automotive industry uses PTFE to coat the windshield. The blades have been designed to have a smooth surface and move smoothly along the windshield.

5. Steel and Chemical industries

This compound has changed the industrial sector by bringing what we could have never done. Parts of machine-like hoses are used for handling extremely corrosive substances, which are change to very high temperatures. Teflon is used to coat these materials to their use. Furthermore, PTFE helps to address damages that are experienced by working with chemicals and steel. Any hose can deteriorate over a period of time. However, those made by Teflon take more time compared to the ones made from other materials.

6. Nail polish

Nail polish, nail enamel, or nail varnish is a lacquer, which is put on human toenails or fingernails. They are used to decorate or protect nail plates. In modern society, nail varnish is made in various shades of colors; hence it is important in pedicures and manicures. The polish is made up of different mixtures of polymer and other components responsible for texture and color. Teflon is one of the nail polish components that help to coat to bring smooth surface and prevent crack.

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