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10 uses of Vaseline

Vaseline is an American skin jelly that has been in existence since 1865. This product has a lot of uses apart from the good moisture it gives to the skin. Unlike other skincare products, Vaseline is top-notch and original in its effect.

Shortly, we would take a look at few uses of Vaseline in our skin and other important application areas. With the following uses, you would discover and know why it’s still a top-notch skincare product.


1. Tame your hair

This is one important use of Vaseline in our body. Vaseline can be used to tame your hair and make It free of germs and other hair diseases. With the taming process, your hair would be soft and therefore, easy to weave and make to different styles of your choice.

2. Removes stains from cloth

This may sound new to you, but it has been tested and proven by researchers. When they are a tough satin to your cloth, pillow or bed sheet, you can apply Vaseline to that stained spot and wash carefully, it would disappear.

3. Heals minor skin injuries/burns

It is a known fact that Vaseline is a great remedy for skin injuries and burns. These minor injuries can be easily covered and protected from bacteria and other airborne diseases to get access to the skin. With the application of Vaseline, the injured spot would be healed in no time.

4. To clean a dog’s paw

This use could also be classified as healing because it puts your dog’s paws in a comfortable state. The paws may be cracked and would make the dog feel pain, but with the Vaseline, its paws would be ok.

5. To remove a sticky ring

Your ring could be very tight in your middle finger when left there for a very long time. With that, it will be difficult to remove, and the use of Vaseline at that point is the best and pain-free alternative.

6. To heal dry rough skin

Vaseline is the best and highly recommended specialist to heal dry and rough skin. Some skins, when dry could lead to sore and injuries, but Vaseline can take care of that overnight and make the skin smooth again.

7. Softens the lip

The lips are sometimes dry due to the environmental condition at that period. That dryness Is painful and can best be solved by the application of Vaseline on the lips. This way, the lips will be soft.

8. It moisturizes dry furniture

The furniture in the home could be dry and rough when not cleaned for a long time. When Vaseline is applied, it immediately gives your furniture a clean shiny look and makes your furniture glow brilliantly.

9. To scrub your skin

Some skins need proper scrub may be due to the kind of work you pass through that could make the skin stained and smelly. Vaseline is the best aid at this point, as it will be applied in the skin directly and scrubbing before washing with soap and water.

10. It clears a blocked nose

Persons that suffer from catarrh, normally have difficulty in breathing when the nose gets dry. At this time, the passage of air into the nostrils would be partially blocked. But with the application of Vaseline on the nose, it would be free and clear of the blockage or dry catarrh.

Vaseline is not just an ordinary jelly. It is one with great and unique effects that certainly would beat your imagination until you use it.

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