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10 uses of electricity

Electricity can be said to be a form of energy usually carried by wires or supplied by batteries used to power machines and computing, communications, lighting, and heating devices.

We as humans do use electricity daily. We can’t carry out our major activities until there is electricity. Without electricity, we wouldn’t be where we are today as a planet. Electricity has changed our level and has made us do things that are beyond a lay man’s imagination. It has a whole lot of uses in which we will take a look at a few of these uses below.


1. Used in our offices

Electricity is used in our offices to power up the AC, refrigerator, and also our elevators. Without electricity, it would be like hell on earth and we wouldn’t be able to do the right things in the office, because we would be very uncomfortable.

2. Used in our homes

A day without electricity in the modern home is a day of stress and trouble. All of the appliances in the home that include; washing machines, TV, microwave, refrigerator, fan, AC, and others operate with the aid of electricity.

3. Used in communication

Our cell and tablet phones are both powered with electricity. With electricity, we can charge the phones and use them to communicate with friends and loved ones that are far away.

4. Used in space

The satellites and astronauts that are sent to space all operate with electricity. Without electricity, going to space, or putting satellites there would just be imagination. Because there would be another way of getting to space to achieve the things we’ve achieved as humans.

5. Used in health cares

Our hospitals and pharmacy all operate and carry out their activities with electricity. Almost all the equipment used for surgery makes use of electricity. The MRI scanners and others all make use of electricity, including the powering of the hospital.

6. Used for musical instruments

The musical instruments like piano, bass, guitar all operate with electricity to operate in large shows for entertainment. Without it, our musical shows won’t be loud, lively, and fun.

7. Used for manufacturing

Electricity is used in manufacturing industries to make different things like plastic and stainless steel. All the devices used for operation all work with the aid of electricity. Without which, they would be no operations in these industries.

8. Electric heaters

Of course, the electric rods or electric heater wouldn’t be named so if it doesn’t operate with the aid of electricity. Electricity is what makes it work so it can heat your bucket of water and make life easy for you.

9. Used for our street lights and home light bulbs

Without electricity, we would not be able to see in our streets and homes because they would be no current to power these manufactured light bulbs and street lights. The absence of electricity also means that they would be no manufacture of the electric bulb.

10. Used in computers

The computers that we use in our homes and offices to browse online and make discoveries all operate with electricity. When there is no electricity, we won’t be able to operate these computers and do the necessary research.

It is very safe to say that electricity has made life easy for us as humans. It makes life fun and makes us do almost everything to perfection.

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