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19 uses of duct tape

It is one of the most useful items you need to keep around either in your house, at work, or garage. Over a long time, people have been using duct tape to make, repair, and decorate things; it has amazing characteristics that people take advantage of it, it flexible, stick o anything, and resist tearing. Don’t use this joke (you can fix it with duct tape) is now lame as duct tape is a versatile product that can be used in many ways. Did you know it was invented in world war II, so it has been on this planet for long enough?

1. Remove splinters.

Duct tape can be used to remove wood, fiberglass, and metal splinter in any place. If you have one, place a piece of duct tape over it and pull slowly. It will work perfectly. You can pull it in any way you want to yank it or pull it out slowly. When it comes to delicate places like an eye, pull it slowly.

2. Snow in your shoes.

Duct tape can be used to keep snow away from your shoes; for example, you are on a hike, and you want to cross the deep snow, wrap your shoes with duct tape (on top of your boot) remember the lower part of your trouser too this will form a faux gaiter consequentially keep snow from falling into your shoes.

3. Removal of warts.

You can use duct tape to remove common warts, place a piece of duct tape on warts, and let it stay there for a while, more than 73 hours. Remove it and clean the place, then use another duct tape. The common wart will be out in a month. It’s quite effective.

4. Roses.

People know Duct tape is used mostly in fixing and repair, but we can use it in creating and decorating. Duct tape can be used to cover the rose’s port with specific shapes and colors. The duct tape industry produces them with colors and shapes printed on them.

5. Protect blisters.

Sometimes when we work or play, we develop blisters. Don’t use bandages because they do fall off; instead, cover it with gauze and on top with duct tape. Trim the edges so that they don’t fall off during wearing and removing clothes.

6. Bugs trap.

You have problems with flies. Hang duct tape strip several over your house or the side, in the camping area on trees will be perfect. The tape will act as a trap, and it works perfectly as many people reports trapping crickets and insects all over the world using duct tape.

7. Glass patching.

You can use duct tape to patch your broken eyeglasses; it works perfectly. When you can replace them at the moment, you can use duct tape. People will make jokes, but it’s worth it; it is better to see than staying shy in your house.

8. Squeeze Toothpaste in their tube.

It’s irritating to squeeze some toothpaste in the tube when it’s about to run out. Use duct tape. It will work perfectly for you. Just roll it in and hold it in a steady place by the use of duct tape.

9. Gardener.

Duct tape can be used to save the lives of a plant; many farmers use duct tape to fix broken branches and stem. Also, it can be used to direct small plant branches to easily cut them when they grow up or to come up with a certain appearance.

10. Deer electrocution.

People use duct tape to stop deer from crossing their electric fences. They place it in a way it can signal the deer, not t cross. This can be used on many other animals and rodents, that’s if you have an electric fence near a park.

11. Pet hair remover.

It can be used in cleaning where it removes a pet’s hair from your clothes or seats. It’s fast compared to other methods and effective as it removes the pet’s hair in certain corners that other methods have difficulty in cleaning. It’s just simple roll duct tape all over the surface and starts to remove; in spongy clothes, pull out slowly.

12. Bag.

Duct tape is good for holding solid objects; one can create a bag with duct tape that can be used to hold things together; it will be amazing. It can be combined with fabric to come up with a see-saw case. It’s very easy as you can make any size you want with any fabric.

13. Art.

Duct tapes come in different colors and different drawings. It can be used in drawing that’s making images; also, it can be used to make shapes like cars, ducks, boats for kids to play with them. All this is possible because they are flexible and sticky.

14. Fix tents.

Fix your damaged tent using duct tape, don’t miss your trips because of it. Also, you can use it to buy time before you get another tent for use.

15. Hide goods.

It can be used to hide small objects in place. Hide your keys, credit cards, money, and many more valuable goods to places where they cannot be seen easily or out of reach.

16. Patch a hose.

Duct tape can be used to patch holes in vacuum and garden hoses, it’s not permanent, but it will hold for to finish what you started.

17. Hem.

Make a temporary and flexible hem on your pants; just fold the fabric and hold it in place using duct tape.

18. Create warmth.

You can make your boots retain more heat during winter by use of duct tape. Wrap your insoles with duct tape. We can buy other insoles to use. The reflective side of duct tape will be used to reflect heat to your sole.

19. Open jars.

Sometimes you can struggle to remove jar leads for over a long time; use duct tape. It will be easy and very effective to use. Wrap it closely on the lid and pull sit up towards the opening direction.

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