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25 common uses of magnesium

Magnesium can be said to be a mineral and an important element is a word with an atomic number of 12 and a symbol of Mg. Magnesium can be found in the human body, research has found out that it makes 50-60% of the bone in the body and the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body.

The use and application of magnesium are so broad in the world and knowing how useful is helpful so you won’t feel it’s an ordinary element. Without wasting much time, we would take a look at a few common uses of magnesium.

1. Reduces the risk of heart disease

Research has found out and proven that low consumption of magnesium can lead to a high risk of heart disease. When not consumed in tablet or food form, it becomes deficient in your body leading to heart diseases.

2. Needed for a healthy living

A well-balanced intake of magnesium helps to keep you as a human healthy. It’s the 4th most abundant mineral, therefore it is needed in a considerable amount for your body for a healthy living.

3. It is used to treat premenstrual syndromes

Taking foods like banana and cashew which contain a medium quantity of magnesium helps in reducing premenstrual issues that come to ladies at their menstrual period, tiredness and irritability would be reduced with magnesium.

4. It helps to reduce insulin resistance

Giving your body the ability to reduce the high level of insulin in your body is highly beneficial. Magnesium is the best when it comes to that. With the insulin resistance ability increased, there would be a low probability of having diabetes.

5. Helps in energy creation

This is another important use of magnesium in the body as it helps in converting food into energy. A good consumption of magnesium, it would help convert the food you eat easily, thereby creating energy.

6. Helps in easy contraction and relaxation of muscles

For those that do intensive workouts daily, a good intake of magnesium supplements would help in the easy contraction and relaxation of your muscles so you don’t need to feel muscle cramps.

7. Helps to create protein from amino acids

As we all know, protein is well needed in the body of humans and its source is amino acids. With magnesium in your foods, you can easily create enough protein in your body.

8. Helps in RNA and DNA repair

A good consumption of magnesium helps in repairing the genes which are RNA and DNA. Magnesium is so important in this case because it is required in large quantity, therefore, needed to repair gene issues.

9. Helps in regulation of the nervous system

This can be considered as the most important use of magnesium in humans. Reasonable consumption of magnesium helps in the sending of information from the body to the nervous system.

10. Helps to reduce depression

Scientists have researched and proven that a required consumption of magnesium in your body through foods would help keep your mental health in the balance, thereby reducing the risk of going into depression.

11. Helps reduce and prevent type 2 diabetes

This is another confirmed use of magnesium in the body as people suffering from type 2 diabetes have a low content of magnesium in their bodies. This has been proven because of the test carried out by doctors in the US.

12. Helps in a quality exercise routine

When you take foods that contain 10-20% magnesium before going on exercise, the whole process would be interesting and full of energy, thereby seeing the effect of the daily exercise.

13. Helps in reducing blood pressure levels

Of course, this is a common use of magnesium in the body as people who suffer from high blood pressure are relieved the moment they consume high magnesium foods or supplements.

14. It total prevents Migraines

People who suffer from migraines are usually magnesium deficient, therefore, they need to do the needful and consume more magnesium foods to reduce migraines rate.

15. Helps in reducing inflammation in humans

Inflammation is a bad thing that happens in both adults and children as it makes them both uncomfortable in their inside. The low magnesium content in their body is one of the major causes of it. When consumed well, it stops that inflammation effect.

16. Used to make heat resistant bricks for fireplaces

Magnesium, when it’s in oxide form, is used to make heat-resistant bricks for fireplaces or industries. Magnesium oxide is used in the lining of these bricks to make the string and nearly indestructible.

17. Used in fireworks

For those of us that don’t know, magnesium produces a white light that gives that spark in the night when the fireworks are ignited. Without it, there would be no spark in fireworks.

18. Can be used as a mordant for dyes

Mordants are substances that are used to fix dyes to the fibers. Magnesium and other elements like zinc, when in the sulfate form are good components to be sued as mordant for dyes.

19. Used as a great supplement for cattle

This is another common use of magnesium as it is added to the feed of cattle. It is used because it helps to build the muscles of this animal and aids in the digestion and excretion of unwanted foods in the cattle’s body.

20. Used in fertilizer

Magnesium in its sulfate form is another important element for fertilizer to be used for the proper growth of plants. Magnesium is a good component of chlorophyll which is needed for plants to survive.

21. Used in flashlight photography

Like I said earlier, magnesium contains light properties, so it can be sued in flashlight photography in combination with other metals. Magnesium and potassium chlorate are mixtures for flashlight photography.

22. Used in an alloy in car engines

Most of the popular cars in the world make use of magnesium alloy in their engine because of the lightweight and high strength ratio. It has been used and categorized as an important component in these cars.

23. Used in the production of phones, laptops, and camera

Magnesium is so important in our world. As a result of its electrical and mechanical properties, it is used to make these electronic devices that are used by almost everyone in the modern age.

24. Used in commercial building construction

When magnesium is in its oxide form as magnesium oxide, it is a part of cement and when mixed with important components, it can be sued in the construction of buildings and industries.

25. Used in light bulbs

Of course, this is another common use of magnesium. Because of its sparkling or light property, it is present in a small form in electric light bulbs and aids in the lightening of the bulb.

Magnesium is one of the few special elements in the world and from the above common uses, we can see why we need it in our daily activities.

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