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25 uses of Nitrogen

Nitrogen can be said to be a chemical element with a symbol of N with an atomic number of 7 and an atomic weight of 14.0067. Also, nitrogen is an atmospheric gas that constitutes 78% of the atmosphere.

The same way nitrogen is important in the atmosphere, it is of benefit in a whole lot of other ways in the world at large. Nitrogen can be used for various reasons or applications. Shortly, we will be looking at a few applications of nitrogen and how it affects us.


1. Used in the X-ray detector

X-ray detector can be said to be a device that is used to detect the spectrum and other important properties of the X-rays. This detector for proper functioning is normally cooled with liquid nitrogen. Without which, it could issue and not being able to function.

2. Used in CPUs of computers

The central processing unit of the computer which is normally referred to as the most important part is cooled by liquid nitrogen and inner fans. This is important because, when it has worked for a long time and has begun to heat up, it needs cooling to perform better later on.

3. Used in fire extinguisher

Nitrogen is an important property when it comes to reducing the intensity of oxygen in a room full of fire. It is in fire suppressors like the fire extinguisher and is a very good suppressor of fire in a large or small building.

4. Used in the soldering process

Nitrogen is used to displace oxygen in the soldering process as it helps to reduce the oxidation level when carrying out a soldering activity. Oxygen has to be displaced for good soldering. Also, nitrogen is best for hand soldering and is highly recommended to be used in an oxygen-rich environment.

5. Used as purging gas for pipeline purging in the steel industry

Nitrogen is used as a purging gas because of its ability to displace moisture. This is one major use of nitrogen in our modern world. Through its purging ability, it would protect the weld steam from oxidation.

6. Used as a shielding gas in the welding process

Nitrogen is one of the most important shield gas when welding. It is a part of five shield gas that protects the molten metal from contamination and also aids welding speed and penetration during welding.

7. Used as a nitrogen generator in most industries

In the modern age, most industries consider using nitrogen generators for their long term operations. This process involves compressing the atmospheric nitrogen into the cylinder such that oxygen leaves it completely, thereby operating fully.

8. Used for food packaging

This is another major use of nitrogen gas in the world today. The nitrogen gas is used in the packaging of foods for better quality, freshness and for it to last long enough without spoiling in its container or plastic.

9. Used to preserve biological specimens

Nitrogen has a low temperature and is the best gas when it comes to preserving different biological specimens like egg, sperm, and others. It would enable them last longer for study.

10. Used as an anesthetic

The anesthetic drug is most tomes fixed in drips to treat patients suffering from anesthesia. The drip normally has a large percentage of nitrogen, because it is very important to recover breath and balance.

11. Used in the pharmaceutical industries

Nitrogen is an important gas used in the pharmaceutical industries, as it is present in most drugs. This gas can is also used or present in most antibiotics and other stiff used to recover.

12. Used for lung function test

Of course, nitrogen is present in the lungs and when an important test is being carried out to detect issues or problems, it would come of great importance. It can be used either in a gas or liquid form

13. Used in tunnel construction

In correlation with other elements, nitrogen is used to ground freeze so the water can get soaked. This process in tunnel construction is what makes a strong and well standing tunnel that would stand the test of time.

14. Used in shrink fitting

Liquid nitrogen is usually used as a coolant in the shrink fitting process. The liquid nitrogen helps in easy contracting and expanding of the steel that is being worked on.

15. Used to make light bulbs

Nitrogen is often used as a substitute for argon in making light bulbs. It aids in easy glowing or fluorescence. Most times, it can be used together with argon in making these light bulbs.

16. Used in fertilizers

In combination with other important elements, nitrogen is used as a fertilizer that aids in the proper and easy growth of plant crops. It is so important and its deficiency could cause stunted growth in plants.

17. Used in making transistors

As we all know, transistors are very important in the electrical sector for the proper functioning of most electronics or machines. Nitrogen is an important component when making transistors.

18. Used for pollution control

In controlling airborne pollution in most places or industrial sectors, nitrogen gas is a major pollution control agent. Also, it is used in agricultural farms to make the environment clean and pure.

19. Used to make ammonia

Nitrogen is used in the making of ammonia which has a smell similar to that of urine. It is also colorless gas. Ammonia is very important and can be used for various purposes in the chemical sector, like as a disinfectant.

20. Used in oil wells

Nitrogen in its liquid form is used as a purging gas in the drilling process of oil wells. Because of its purging intensity, it can purge/ force oil to move upwards in the well and that is highly beneficial.

21. Used in making stainless steels

Nitrogen in correlation with chromium is the best element for corrosion resistance which enables the production of nice stainless steel. When there is high corrosion resistance, you would have a clean stainless steel production.

22. Used as a refrigerant

Nitrogen is used as a refrigerant for effective cooling of fruits, foods, ice cream and other supplements. The cooling ability is in its liquid form which freezes at 63 K and oils at 77 K.

23. Used in the cryogenic hardening of metals

Liquid nitrogen is normally used in the cryogenic hardening of metals thereby making them last for a long time without wearing off and deteriorating. Less hardened metal could cause critical issues in the future.

24. Used in the production of polyethylene

From the production of ethylene, nitrogen is used in the production of polymers like polyethylene which is used to carry various groceries. Without this, this polyethylene would not be produced.

25. Used in tire vulcanization

Nitrogen is an inert gas that aids in easy compressing. So, therefore, it is used in tire vulcanization in making the tire strong and durable. Without which, we wouldn’t see any reliable compressor.

Nitrogen, in both liquid and gaseous form, is very important and serves diverse purposes in the modern world. Its uses are much and it has proven to be reliable beneficial.

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