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12 Uses of Bromate

Bromates are formed in many different ways in municipal drinking water. The most common way through which bromate is formed is by reacting ozone and bromide. There are different types of bromate, that are the sodium bromate and potassium bromate. Some of the used of bromate include the following;


1. As an oxidizer

Potassium bromate acts as an oxidizer that is used in the strengthening of dough. This enhances the elasticity of the dough. Under the right conditions, bromate is used to react and form a lower oxidation state, in bread baking.

2. Cleaning boilers

Sodium bromate is an inorganic sodium salt that has bromate as its counter ion. Because it is an oxidizing agent, it acts best to clean inside and outside of boilers. Bromate is also used in the oxidation of dyes and sulfur.

3. Dissolving gold

Another interesting use of bromate is dissolving gold from its ores. As a mixture of sodium bromide, this solution is used in dissolving gold from its ores.

4. Used in the dying process

Dying the hair requires the use of bromate. It is also used in the continuous hair treatment formulations and in the continuous dying process which involves sulfur or vat dyes.

5. Prescription or over-the-counter drugs

Ingredients that are bromine-based are used in many over-the-counter prescription drugs. Furthermore, they are also used in the treatment of different health problems.

6. as a flour improver

Potassium bromate is used as a flour improver mostly in the United States. The bread needs to be baked under the right temperatures because when it is not baked long enough, or not baked at high temperatures which are enough, a residue will remain. These residuals are harmful when consumed.

7. Production of malt barley

Potassium bromate is also used in the production of malt barley. The application of the FDA in the United States has laid down some safety conditions, which include the labeling standards for the finished product.

8. Used in agricultural chemicals

Bromine has many uses in the agricultural sectors. It is used in making agricultural chemicals, insecticides, and other pharmaceuticals. However, some of the agricultural uses of bromine are being done away with because of environmental reasons, but new uses are also being discovered.

9. Flame retardants

Compounds found in bromine are used as flame retardants. The compounds are added to furniture foams, textiles and plastic casings for electronics to make them less flammable.

10. Fire extinguishers

Compounds known as organ bromides are used in halon fire extinguishers. These types of extinguishers are used in fighting fires in places such as museums, tanks, and aeroplanes. In addition to that, silver bromide is used in film photography.

11. Sedatives

Bromide ions are also used as sedatives by human beings. This is because they can decrease the sensitivity of the central nervous system. This makes them effective to be used as tranquillizers, sedatives, and anti-epileptics.

12. Heart problems

Medicines that are bromine-based are supplied to patients with heart problems and hysteria.

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