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25 Uses of Chromium

This is a mineral element used by human beings for nutritional advantages in more than one area. It is used for controlling human blood sugar levels, diabetes type II, HIV treatment, and a host of other beneficial uses.

Furthermore, chromium exists in two forms, one is useful while the other is a toxin which when ingested causes serious bodily harm. Trivalent chromium is ingested for health, cosmetic and therapeutic advantages. Several people use chromium for weight loss, skin protection, treatment of medical disorders such as Turner syndrome, etc. below are a few uses of chromium.

1. Diabetes

Evidence has shown that chromium ingesting chromium supplements helps in reducing blood sugar levels in the body. Also, the same effects are observed when insulin levels are tested against previous levels. This proves that chromium is a reliable dosage for enabling the normal working of the body insulin. This will, therefore, help reduce glucose content in the body hence reducing the prevalence of diabetes mellitus. However, data is inconclusive about the group of people who have a better success rate when ingested chromium. Some data indicate that it works with people with insulin resistance.

2. Decrease weight gain

Chromium picolinate is a chemical compound that contains chromium as the main component which reduces weight when taken by people experiencing weight problems. Chromium helps in cutting weight in people by burning the visceral fat – the dangerous fat deposits in the lower belly.

3. Hyperlipidemia

This is a condition associated with increased levels of fats in the blood. Cholesterol is the fat that mostly attacks the human body causing various illnesses such as blood pressure. Research, however, indicates that when chromium is ingested regularly, it can help in reducing the level of lipoprotein and triglycerides in the body.

This generally shows that the results are positive on the fat reduction scale. Further research claims that chromium is restricted with age. And, that women who have undergone menopause are unable to reduce cholesterol when they take chromium for 12 months.

4. Enhance athleticism











Some studies have indicated that taking chromium help an athlete to improve performance. This happens by increasing the athlete’s resistance, sturdiness, efficiency, etc. Furthermore, it helps in reducing the athlete’s body fat; hence promoting a lean mass of the body. It, therefore, adds strength, bodybuilding, and enhances weight loss.

5. Binge eating disorder

Taking chromium regularly for 6 months promotes good eating behavior thereby, eradicating binge eating behavior.

6. Eases effects of depression

Chromium can also be taken as an antidepressant.

7. Pre-diabetes

Pre-diabetes symptoms can include cravings. Chromium helps in preventing diabetes.

8. Cravings

Craving is the unexplained urge to eat. Mostly, this affects people with hormonal imbalance, eating disorders, depression, etc. taking chromium picolinate helps in reducing people’s cravings.

9. Obesity

Chromium is proven to help in weight loss. You can combine chromium with other weight loss activities such as exercises. The reason why most people may not see the level of improvement is that they take the pill alone without

10. Schizophrenia

Research proves that there is a significant improvement in the mental health of those who are suffering from schizophrenia.

11. Reduce insulin resistance

Studies were conducted on the resistance of insulin to drugs used to treat HIV. Chromium picolinate and chromium nicotinate were found to help ease the resistance problem.

12. Treatment of atypical depression

Symptoms of the sickness atypical depression were found to remise when the individuals suffering from the condition took chromium.

13. Bipolar disorder

Bipolar is resistant to treatments. However, chromium helps to relieve mood disturbance – a symptom of this condition from re-occurring frequently.

14. Dementia and loss of memory

Regular treatments with chromium help to reduce the effects of memory loss and dementia in people with old age.

15. Cardiotherapy

When used in the right quantities and in the right amount of time, chromium has shown to have positive results with the health of the heat and general blood circulation.

16. Stainless steel

Stainless steel contains almost 18% of chromium. It is used in toughening steel while increasing its resistance to rust. Stainless steel is used in the manufacture of cooking pots, cutlery, processing equipment, and dental tools.

17. Decorations

Chromium is used in decorating automobiles such as cars and airplanes. Chromium alloys enable jets to work under high temperatures without undergoing chemical change. It also used to decorate the rims of vehicles.

18. Furnaces

Chromite is a compound used in high–temperature furnaces such as the blast furnace and extraction of metals. Chromite helps in firing bricks and molds.

19. Traffic marking

Chromium is used to mark yellow lines on roads.

20. Alloying

Its strong oxidative properties enable it to be used for coating aluminum, zinc, and steel. This helps it to withstand high tensile forces and temperatures.

21. A chemical in laboratories

This element is used in the laboratory preparation of oxidative compounds such as dichromate compounds of potassium. Also, it is applied in the electrochemical cell during aluminum anodization.

22. Wood preservation

Type II chromium which has high toxin levels is used in wood preservation to scare away fungi and termites.

23. Leather tanning

Chrome alum is a compound of chromium is used in the large-scale production of leather.

24. in the textile industry

Chromium is used in the textile industry to adhere to dyes on fabrics.

25. Beauty industry

The element pigmentation makes it ideal in the manufacture of beauty products such as cosmetics. The red color on rubies is due to the availability of chromium.

The bottom line

Chromium is a transitional element in the periodic table. It is a naturally occurring element with a host of uses due to its properties of having color and being able to be used for strengthening other metals. Biological research has also proved that chromium exists in the body as an ion and fades as one’s age increases. In females, chromium is more concentrated in the placenta and other abdominal organs.

Chromium as a metal is used in the decorations including the manufacturing of rubies, ramping up cars, etc. Also, it is used to mark lines on the tarmac. Finally, it is used by leather tanning industries to treat hides to become water-resistant.

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