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25 uses of Halogen

Halogen can be said to be an element of group 7, that is, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine which form a salt by direct union with a metal. The above elements are useful in the modern-day. They can be applied in diverse forms in which we would take a look at them below.

All of the elements form a compound with Hydrogen which in the process decreases their atomic weight. They all have similar physical properties. Let’s take a look at their uses below.


1. Used in the pulp and paper industry

Chlorine which is a very essential halogen is used in the production of pulp and paper. It helps in bleaching of the pulp and paper. When in the hydroxide form, those that work in these industries have seen it to be pivotal in pulp and paper processing.

2. Used to make fire extinguishers

All of the halogen elements except astatine are important elements in producing Halon fire extinguishers. The most important is the fire extinguisher that contains bromine as it is best recommended when they are an absence of water extinguisher.

3. Used to make plastics

This is another important use of halogens in the modern age. When any of the halogen elements react with a gas called ethylene, they would be used to produce plastic and make it has its normal properties.

4. Used to protect dental cavities

Fluorine is an important element in this case as it is added to our toothpaste to wash our teeth and mouth, thereby keeping it clean and fresh. Fluorine also helps in making the dental cavities strong.

5. Used to etch glass of light bulbs

When fluorine reacts with hydrogen to form hydrofluoric acid, it can be used to etch the glass of light bulbs to give it that electric holding capacity to make it last long when used.

6. Used as refrigerants in Air condition and Freezer

Chlorofluorocarbon is a large compound that contains chlorine, fluorine, carbon, and hydrogen. It is a refrigerant that gives that cooling effect in both an air condition and a freezer.

7. Used in the textile industry for bleaching

In this case, bromine and chlorine are the halogens that can act as a bleaching agent and used in the textile industry. In most bleachers out there, these two elements are important components.

8. Use as a disinfectant

In this case, bromine and chlorine when hydrolyzed are used as a disinfectant to purify your water. These elements are added to swimming pools that have been polluted and it would make it pure again.

9. Used in gold mining extraction

Bromine can be used as a bleaching agent or alternative to help in the extraction of gold in the mines. In combination with other elements or compounds, they can be used in place of cyanidation.

10. Used as a fumigant against pest and in cleaning soil before planting

When the halogen (bromine) reacts with methane to form Bromomethane, it can be sued a fumigant to drive away pests from your garden or farm. Also, when applied directly to the soil, it would clean it.

11. Used in oil drilling

When a halogen (bromine) reacts with magnesium and calcium to form calcium bromide and magnesium bromide respectively, it can be used to drill oil from oil wells easily and effectively.

12. Used in the manufacture of hydraulic fluids

Bromine is an important halogen in this case as it helps in the manufacture of hydraulic fluids. With its chemical properties, it can be used to manufacture this equipment that helps in transferring power or acting as a lubricant.

13. Used in the manufacture of special batteries

Chlorine is an important element that is used to make batteries like the salt battery, also called air battery. When this halogen reacts with zinc, it can be used to produce a zinc chloride hydrate battery which is very high in conductivity.

14. Used in the processing of meats, vegetables, and fruits

Because of its purifying capacity, chlorine which is an important halogen is used in the processing of meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables. When added to water, it would help to keep them pure and free of germs.

15. Used as a flame retardant

Bromine and fluorine are good flame retardant elements as they help to keep various commercial and consumer products resistant to flame. So in the production of some consumer products, these elements are added.

16. Used in cleaning and tanning leather

The halogen called chlorine is used in cleaning and tanning leather because of its bleaching capacity. When it is applied to these hides of leather, it helps to treat them form every infection or germs thereby making them clean.

17. Used in bleaching fat and oil

Chlorine can be used to bleach fat and oil because of its high bleaching capacity. It can bleach colored oil to a colorless one using it for what you want to.

18. Used in nuclear reactor fuel

Chlorine can be used in nuclear reactor fuel to carry out various activities with the nuclear reactor. A nuclear reactor can be used waste disposal and in the oxidation process.

19. Used to manufacture photographic paper and plates

Bromine when it reacts with potassium to form potassium bromide can be used to manufacture photographic paper and plates that are essential if you want a hard copy of your photos.

20. Used in the pharmaceutical industries

Halogens like chlorine, fluorine, and iodine can bond and be used in the identifying of potential drugs for a patient. They can also be used as a substituent in the medical lab.

21. Used in producing thyroid hormones

Without iodine, the body’s thyroid gland wouldn’t be able to function properly. Iodine is very essential in the body that without it, thyroid hormone would not be produced thereby leading to hypothyroidism.

22. Used to produce table salt

Chlorine which is an important halogen when it reacts with sodium can be used to produce table salt (NaCl). As we all know, salt is very important in all of our meals to give them that good taste.

23. Used to treat thyroid cancer

Astatine is a very rare halogen but it still very functional in the modern world as it is used to treat thyroid cancer. This cancer is very dangerous to the health of humans, but the scientist has discovered its importance to humans.

24. Used to make synthetic pipe

When chlorine bonds with a polymer like PVC, it can be used to manufacture synthetic pipe which can be used or applied in many places in the world.

25. Used to make insecticide sprays

Although this can be dangerous to human life it is very effective in killing insects in your houses or garden environment. If you use it, you should stay far from that area.

With the above uses, we can see that the use of halogens in our world today is just so limitless and they shouldn’t be regarded as non-essential.

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