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12 uses of Geothermal Energy

Everyone is striving to gain enormous energy capacity. All countries are waging the war of energy. Indeed, energy has given an edge for economic liberalism in the world. Energy can be harnessed through two major sources – Renewable Energy sources & Nonrenewable energy sources. Geothermal energy is one of the renewable energy sources.

Geothermal Energy is totally earth-based energy. It is induced from the internal layers of Earth by digging 1 to 2 miles deep into the Earth. In fact, geothermal energy is actualized through water and steam. The thermal energy drives it in the subterraneous part of the Earth. Indeed, the Earth’s geothermal energy is generated with the decay of long-settled radioactive elements in the Earth. These elements require energy for their decomposition, and the energy is acquired from the sunlight and internal reactions within the Earth. Volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers are all examples of concentrated geothermal energy that have meandered to the near-surface. Let’s have an overview of the major uses if Geothermal energy.


1. Production of Electricity

Massive heat from the subsurface is used in the production of electricity, and this is the area where geothermal energy has vast applications. Think of the geothermal power plants; then, you would realize the significance of the heat within the Earth’s interior. The United States is at the zenith of energy production because of the massive geothermal energy potentials therein. So far, the US achieved a milestone by harnessing her geothermal resources to produce 16.7 billion Kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2018.

2. Heating and cooling purposes

Geothermal energy finds significant usage in the heating and cooling processes. This process is achieved with the use of pumps. Geothermal reservoirs of hot water that are discovered within a couple of miles in the Earth’s mantle and are harnessed for direct heating.

3. in Agriculture

Geothermal energy is also used in the agriculture industry. Farmers can use the heat pipes for maintaining the productivity of their greenhouses. In this, peasants can grow fruits or vegetables in any season.

4. Steam process for Fishing

There is heavy use of geothermal energy in the Fishing and fish processing industry. The Geothermal industrial heat, as well as the Earth’s natural thermal energy, is used to provide heat for industrial Fishing and for Fish preservation.

5. in road construction

Geothermal energy is used for driving some machines used in the construction of roads and tracks. Asphalt can be heated to the desired temperature through geothermal energy.

6. in plate tectonics

The underground heat is very useful in maintaining the sharp movement of tectonic plates placed on the Earth.

7. Room Heating

Geothermal energy is used to maintain the temperature of homes during summer and winter. It exhausts hot air from houses and transfers it into the ground, where air cools down naturally. In winter, the reverse geothermal heating process takes place.

8. Snow melting

It is used for the melting process of snow and ice in cold areas.

9. Desalination

The geothermal energy is used in the process of separating minerals from saline water.

10. In Climate change

It is very efficient in normalizing the severity of global warming and climate change. In this case, the threat of global-hike of temperature would vanish slowly from the world.

11. In Timber mills

Geothermal energy is also harnessed for the fabrication of timber mills

12. in oil Production

Geothermal energy has vast applications in the hydrocarbon industry. It is used in the driving of rigs, propelling submarines, and other massive engines.

Generally, the upsurge of geothermal energy has new opportunities for third world countries with the help of the USA, China, and Russia. Hence, the world can achieve many more advantages from the naturally created geothermal energy.

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