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Uses of Coal for Kids

Coal is a brownish-black sedimentary fossil that is formed by remains of pre-historic vegetation that initially existed in swamps. It is a vital fossil fuel that is very popular for energy production. The energy that coal gives us is released by plants that absorbed it from the sun many years ago. Plants can store solar energy through a process called photosynthesis. Further, when these plants die and start decaying, energy is released. However, given favorable conditions for the formation of coal, the decaying process is interrupted. The remaining power is locked inside the fuel. Coal has many properties that make it one of the most used fossils across all the industries. However, today, we will look at the uses of coal for kids.

Coal is mostly used to make learning materials for kids. For example, fuel can be used to make graphite for pencils. Kids can use these pencils to write or draw on books. Additionally, since coal is mostly used to produce energy, kids benefit from it too. There are so many electric power plants that are powered by fuel. The power is connected to homes and schools where kids can use it for learning or entertainment. Also, coal is a crucial player for making pharmaceuticals. For example, soaps, solvents, and dye. These products can be used on kids to make them look good.

For those kids that love playing tennis, coal is a significant component for making the rackets. Besides, it is used to make medical products such as aspirins for treating the kids. Some parents make a living from the coal plants or selling coal by-products. It allows them to take care of their children by paying for their basic needs. Farmers use agricultural fertilizers made from coal to grow to produce and feed the kids.


Surprising uses of coal for kids

Coal has been beneficial to society since its invention by our forefathers. It has a high impact on our children in terms of school or growing up at home. However, most uses of coal for kids affect them indirectly rather than directly. The list below shows some of its impacts and benefits on kids today.

1.    Source of energy

It doesn’t matter whether you are a grown-up or a kid, but power is vital in our lives. In the United States alone, coal provides 20% of the energy. Clean energy sources such as wind and solar amounts to 23 percent. Electricity is essential, especially at homes with kids. Taking care of them is easy because they can be kept occupied by electronics powered by energy obtained from coal. Also, it brings along many resources to help with parenting and educating the children. China is the leading producer of this fuel in the world, followed by the United States, India, and Australia, respectively. Electricity is mainly made from thermal coal, while metallurgical coal is responsible for steel production.

2.    Learning/paper manufacture/ graphite

Paper industries burn a lot of coal to produce heat. Kids can use these papers when learning. Textbooks are printed using the same papers too. Some industries have managed to make graphite out of coal. Graphite is used to make pencils that kids use when writing or drawing.

3.     Making Carbon fiber

Coal is used to make carbon fiber for mountain bikes, tennis rackets, and construction. Kids love riding mountain bikes for fun and exercise. Others love playing tennis, making coal an essential material in the lives of small children.

4.    Production of Silicon metal

Coal is an essential component for the production of silicon metal. The silanes and silicones are, in turn, used to make water repellants, toothpaste cosmetics resins, and hair shampoo. All these products are used by kids either directly or indirectly. They are significant for them when growing up. For example, toothpaste is essential to kill germs in the mouth and to eliminate bad smell. The shampoo helps to keep the hair clean hence making them look neat as they go to school.

5.    Development of Aspirins

Coal makes an essential component for the development of aspirins. After a derivative from coal made paracetamol successfully, the scientist made a further step to create the aspirin. Today, it is very successful and productive, especially for small kids. It is one of the earliest pain medications ever to be manufacture. Coal plays a considerable role when it comes to aspirin. It is popular today for treating pains aches and fevers.

6.    Production of Dyes

Most dyes contain coal by-products. Some parents apply stain to their kid’s hair for them to look fashionable. Other types of colors are used to make writing materials such as pens. Kids used these pens at school or home when doing homework. Different particular types of dyes can be applied to the shoes. When asked, it makes them shine brighter, leaving you spotless shoes.

7.    Solvents

Coal produces many products, such as benzene, naphthalene, and phenol. Further, these products are used in different industries as raw materials when making kids products. They are also used as an energy source, which very essential in the lives of small children. Without coal these products may not be in existence hence many other kids’ products would not be invented as well

8.    Soaps

Fuel plays a role in the detergent manufacturing industry. It is used to heat the raw materials that make soap.

Additionally, coal itself can be used as a raw material in the preparation of soap. Parents use detergents to wash clothes and even when helping their children to take a shower. Soap helps to kill germs, keep clothes, and the house clean. Other soaps contain fragrance that helps children maintain their freshness all day either in school or at home.

9. Commercial purpose

The most important aspect of parenting is able to get better things for your child. Coal products are used for commercial purposes allowing parents to earn enough money to raise their children. Coal is essential for making kidney dialyzes machines. Many chemicals sold in the market, such as creosote oil, are produced by coal.

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