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19 uses of Sour Cream

Sour cream is a dairy product that is obtained by obtaining a bacterial to regular cream. The bacteria can be introduced to the cream deliberately or naturally. The bacteria can be introduced deliberately by adding lactic acid to the cream.

The name sour cream originated from the process of adding lactic acid to sour cream, commonly known as souring.

Sour cream is commonly used as a cooking ingredient or can be eaten. If used as a cooking ingredient, it is advisable to add it to the food at the end of cooking. This is because sour cream is very sensitive to heat, and hence it curdles.

Sour cream can be used for different purposes. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Used in baking.

Sour cream can be used as one of the ingredients during the baking process.

Sour cream is added to the dough; this makes the dough easy to roll. Also, the resulting goods after baking are more tender and sweet as compared to when soul cream is not used. The acidity nature of sour creams helps to break the dough’s crumb hence making it easy to roll.

2. Used to make creamy dishes.

Sour cream is added to food to make creamy dishes and also improves the taste of the food. This is achieved by adding sour cream at the end of cooking and when the food has cooled. This is because the heat will tamper with its enzymes hence making it curdle.

3. Used to make a creamy soup.

Sour cream can be added to any cream-based soup to improve its richness. The creaminess and the thickness of the soup are also improved by adding sour cream.

Tomato soup is a good example of a soup that can be added to sour cream.

4. Used to make sandwiches.

Sour cream can be used in place of mayonnaise (mayonnaise is a dressing made of raw egg yolks and seasoning, used on sandwiches) that is common. Sour cream can be spread directly on the bread and replaced with mayonnaise on the sandwich spread.

5. Making yogurts.

being a milk-based product is made of flavored sour cream. Yogurt-making companies greatly rely on sour cream as the major ingredient. Other flavors are added to sour cream in order to improve its taste and thickness.

6. Used in preparing salad dressings.

Creamy dressings can be prepared by using sour cream. Mix sour cream with vinegar oil together to make a light creamy dressing that can be used as a salad dressing. The salad made from sour cream can be used to serve different dishes

7. To make coffee cake.

Sour cream is used when preparing a sour cream coffee cake. The cream is added as an ingredient when baking a coffee cake. The sour cream helps in improving the cake’s taste and keeps it moist. Therefore it is a vital ingredient when preparing a coffee cake.

8. To make pancakes.

Sour cream-based pancakes are soft and the fluffiest. Sour cream is included in the ingredient of preparing pancakes. Also, sour cream can be added on top of the pancakes to improve the flavor. Therefore, pancakes made of sour cream are sweet and more nutritious.

9. Used in preparing oatmeal.

Oatmeal is a meal made from rolled oats. Sour cream can be used to top off oatmeal. In preparing oatmeal, sour cream acts as a flavor. It improves the taste of the meal. During baking with oat flour, sour cream can be added to make sure the dough rises a lot.

10. To make the creamy frosting.

Sour cream can be used to make creamy coating for cakes and other baked goods. A layer of sour cream is spread on top of cakes or other baked goods to make them taste better and sweeter. However, sour cream can be mixed with sugar or any other sugary flavor to improve the sweetness of the layer of frost.

11. Used in adding to casseroles.

Sour cream can be added to casseroles such as beans and baked food to keep them from getting dry. It can also be added to the dough to prevent it from getting dry hence making it simple to bake.

12. Used as a source of the nutrient.

As a dairy product, sour cream has health benefits for users. Sour cream is rich in protein and is very beneficial to human health. Therefore, taking sour cream helps in preventing deficiencies caused by a lack of protein.

13. Used in making doughnut.

Sour cream-based doughnuts are sweeter as compared to regular doughnuts. The sour cream makes the doughnut have a sour taste that limes nicely with the sugar flavors added to it hence making the doughnut sweeter.

14. To make cheesecake.

Cheesecake is a pie made of flavored cream cheese. The sour cream is the major ingredient in the making of cheesecake, as it contains all the rich consistency required by cheesecake. Sour cream is mostly used in making cheesecake as it is lighter than cream cheese.

15. Used as fruit topper.

Sour cream can be used to make a fruit topping that can be sprinkled over any kind of fruit. As a fruit topper, sour cream makes the fruit creamy and sweet.

Also, fruits can be chopped into small pieces, and then they are mixed with sour cream.

16. Used to make taco pizza.

Taco pizza is a Mexican snack that consists of diced vegetables, beans, etc. Sour cream can also be added to tacos of making pizza. It serves as a flavor that makes the taco sweeter

17. Adding to deviled eggs.

Deviled eggs are eggs that are grilled. Sour cream can be added to them and be eaten together. It introduces its sour taste to the deviled eggs, making them sweeter.

18. Making ice cream.

Sour cream together with other flavors like strawberry, chocolate, etc. can be used to make sweet ice creams. The sour cream and other ingredients are mixed together, and the product is cooled, resulting in ice creams.

19. Used also in making lasagna.

This is an Italian dish that is baked and has a layer of vegetables or flavors. Adding sour cream to the layer makes lasagna delicious.

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