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10 health benefits of eggs

Eating eggs is very healthy contrary to some people’s beliefs. Chicken eggs are the primary source of various nutrients needed by the human body, but eggs from other birds such as duck are also safe to eat. Here 10 benefits of eggs.

1. Its enough source of nutrients

After taking eggs, one tends to feel full for a long time. One large egg is a balanced diet, along with fruit rich in vitamin C

2. The perfect source of iron

People with iron deficiency should include eggs in their diet to help iron out the problem. The iron present in eggs is easily and quickly absorbed in the human body as compared to iron supplements given by your doctor.

3. Healthy source of Vitamins

Eggs complete the diet making it more nutritious and well balanced. People who do not consume eggs tend to fall short of vitamins which might lead to the contraction of various illnesses.

4. Do not contribute to cholesterol build-up

Eggs do not increase levels of cholesterol in the blood. It makes them an ideal source of essential nutrients required by the body for growth and development.

5. Help in weight loss

Eggs help people struggling with weight loss. This is due to their high satiety index as compared to other meals. Regular intake of eggs helps reduces appetite making it possible to lose weight quickly. They are cheap and readily available; therefore, a great source of food for someone looking for a healthy diet.

6. Source of choline

Choline, a nutrient found in eggs helps boost mental health. Foetus highly depend on this nutrient for proper brain development. This applies to older people who tend to suffer from memory losses. It is therefore highly recommended for expectant mothers to eat eggs during the lactation period to ensure that the mother’s choline reserves are not depleted.

7. Enhances eyesight

Eggs enhance eyesight and reduce the risks of blindness in older people. The young population also requires a certain percentage of egg intake as its a good source of antioxidants that keep the eyes healthy.

8. Healthy source of protein

Eggs are the most reliable sources of protein which is a crucial element in our day to day diet. Protein helps build new and repair old tissues in the human body. The protein is also referred to as the building blocks of the body and it’s highly essential.

9. Source of amino acids

Most amino acids cannot be manufactured by the body and are therefore taken in the form of food. Eggs are a good source of amino acids, which promotes growth and maintenance of body tissue.

10. Promote hair and nails growth

Eggs promote the growth of hair and nails as they contain vitamins, minerals, and high sulfur content. Besides, they contribute to higher hair growth rates once added to diet because hair requires collagen, which is protein.

Eggs are all healthy, and some of the foods that should be consumed regularly. Unless you are allergic to animal proteins, be sure to include them in your diet.

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    Good information. An egg is an important balance diet but the are several myths and misconceptions regarding the eating of eggs. I think after reading this post everybody with review those myths.

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