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25 Uses of lemons

Lemons have many uses apart from the common health benefits and beauty hacks. We are here to explore more than twenty useful uses of lemons that one can easily use and benefit from.


1. Freshen the fridge

After getting rid of what is causing the bad smell in the fridge, putting a cut lemon in the fridge for a few hours will completely get rid of that smell.

2. Refresh kitchen cutting boards

A lot of foodstuffs is used on the surface of the cutting boards, after some time that chopping boards tend to develop a nasty smell. This smell can be easily gotten rid of using lemons, just rub a strip of lemon on the surface of the board let it dry thereafter wash with plain water.

3. Insecticide

Spraying lemon water mixed with a bit of water on where the ants and insects tend to be in plenty. Using the lemon strips around the hole in which the ants and insects come into the house will chase them away.

4. Cleaning the microwave

Those hard food bits that make you scratch your microwave are no longer a problem. Mix water and lemon microwave if for five minutes or more after that take a cloth, you should be able to wipe those food bits easily.

5. Keeping rice from sticking

Adding a spoonful of lemon juice into the boiling water solves the sticky rice mess. Everyone wants to present good food when cooked, and sticky rice is not a good look.

6. Lighten age spots

Many buy expensive cremes to get rid of the liver spots, however, a more pocket-friendly and natural substitute is the lemon juice.

7. Clean and whiten nails

Adding lemon water into the hot manicure water and let it soak for a few minutes. Results will start showing after a few sessions.

8. Cleanse your face

Cutting a strip of lemon and rubbing it on your face thereafter cleaning it with hot water. Regular use of this help very problematic faces that the chemical bases cleansers cannot be able to help out.

9. Freshen your breath

Lemons can be used to make a mouthwash. The citric acid in the juice kills the bacteria causing bad breath. Swallowing the lemon juice after googling may also help to sort out dental freshness problems longer.

10. Disinfects cuts

Sometimes your fast aid kit is not well stocked, using lemons on mild cuts works just as good as store-bought disinfectants.

11. Remove underarm stains

Rubbing lemon juice on stained areas on your clothes before laundry gets them right off during the laundry.

12. Whiten clothes

White clothes tend to become cream after some time, adding lemon juice into your detergent during laundry help maintain their color.

13. Sink cleaner

Adding water into lemon juice and using it to refresh all the sink in your house. This will disinfect, clean, and also freshen the sinks.

14. Natural air freshener

You can make your home smell lovely with just a few strips of lemon strips, vanilla droplets, and springs of rosemary to have your home-made air freshener.

15. Keeping cauliflower white

As we know, cauliflower easily turns brown while cooking, adding a spoonful of lemon water into the boiling water helps solve this little problem in the kitchen.

16. Remove cooking smells from hands

A busy day of cooking maybe because guests leave your hands smelling all sorts of foodstuffs at the end of the day. Rubbing a bit of lemon water while having your final wash will wash away all the smell you have been touching the whole day.

17. Lemon and mint ice cubes

This is actually a fun hack. Cutting bits of lemon and mints in the ice cube trays and adding water, after freezing these fancy ice cubes can be used for different purposes. For example, these can be used to entertain your guests with an alcoholic drink, plain water, or even normal juice, this adds a lot of flavor to any drink.

18. Lemon water

This must be the most common use of lemons, adding the lemons in water mostly for health reasons and boost the ones drinking water habits.

19. Polishing aluminum pots

Leftover skin peels of the lemon while rubbed on the aluminum pots shines and brightens them. Continuous use will ensure your pots are always spackling.

20. Cleaning marble

Marble can easily get dirty and you are at the risk of always scratching them, using a mixer of water and lemon juice, and spraying the marble tops. After soaking for some time with the mixer the stains should be able to come right off using a damp cloth to wipe down.

21. Bleach hair

The color you get depends solely on the texture and type of hair. Rubbing lemon water on your hair and leaving it on the sun for some time. After some time when you wash off the lemon juice, your hair should be a different color.

22. Food preservative

Spraying lemon water on cut vegetables leaves them looking and staying fresh for more hours. The upside of this is that lemon water is natural hence a natural preservative of fresh produce.

23. Emergency deodorant

There is always that time when the roll-on ends at the worst time, take a strip of lemon and apply it on your underarm. This can be so helpful for people with allergies with chemical products.

24. Heartburn relief

This tends to affect many people because of many reasons, an easy solution is to have a mild mixture of lemon juice and water and take it.

25. Hangover cure

The next time you are having a tough morning because of yesterday nights decisions, worry no more, try drinking a little lemon juice squeezed into your tea or coffee. Not only does it help you rehydrate but also balance out your HP levels.

Apart from all these benefits, lemons are also used to flavor food in more ways than one. Life without lemons would be terrible because of all these useful uses just from one fruit. Needless to say, lemon juice can definitely make ones’ day a lot easier especially if you are working with a budget.

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