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10 uses of honey

Honey is a viscous sweet fluid produced from plant nectar by bees. Honey is very beneficial in human health and is highly recommended by doctors to be taken by both sick and healthy persons.

Honey can either be taken raw or refined before consuming. Although, it has been in existence for long, and people do take it raw. But with its medicinal and other good benefits of it, it has begun to be refined and used to the best of humans. Below, we would take a look at few uses of honey.


1. It gives instant energy

Honey is of great use when it comes to giving energy to the body. Because of its natural sugar content, it makes you active and vibrant like you just took 100 grams of glucose during a race competition.

2. Helps with Allergies

Different allergies in humans need an instant cure and freedom. Honey has been seen to help with that without any sort of complaint whatsoever. Good consumption of honey would make free of those allergies quickly.

3. Boosts immune system

Honey has been seen to boost the immune system of humans which is very vital for a healthy living. It is highly recommended to be part of breakfast as it makes the immune system come alive and strong.

4. Reduces cholesterol level

Because of its natural sugar content, honey reduces the cholesterol level in your body which is a good health benefit. High cholesterol in the body is very bad and leads to various health issues. But, good consumption of honey makes the body free of high cholesterol.

5. Treats insect bites

Application of honey in a skin that has been stung by an insect heals with ease and a short time. It has this unique ability that immediately stops the pain and poison of the insect from spreading into your blood.

6. Relieves a sore throat

When your throat contains sore due to hot foods or other reasons, honey can heal that sore in it. The fluid has a unique ability to heal the throat from sore and reduces any form of inflammation.

7. Reduces hangover

Honey has been observed and known to reduce hangover for those that have drunk enough alcohol. This is a vital use because you would able to continue or do major work even if you’ve drunk enough quantity of alcohol. Honey tends to give you a comfortable stand when you’re drunk.

8. Cures Eczema

Of course, honey cures eczema in faces and that makes it very important in human life. With a steady and continuous application of honey on the affected spots in the face, in a short while, your face would be clear and smooth again.

9. Nutritious meals to kids

The use of honey in every kid’s meal is vital and high nutritious to them. Kids do enjoy the consumption of honey in their foods and this gives them a happy feeling and also makes them strong and very active for that day. Its sweetness and content make it highly nutritious for kids.

10. Honey tones up your skin

Honey is a great skin toner when applied directly to the skin after bathing in small quantities. It tones it with consumption, but the shiny appearance comes when it is applied directly and that is good for your skin.

Honey, I would say is sweet and powerful because of its diverse use and applications. It is good to be stored in large quantities in the home for a healthy and sweet living.

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