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25 uses of fennel seeds

Fennel seed is a sweet seed of fennel that is from the carrot family. The seed has a whole lot of uses that include both nutritional and casual uses. It has been observed that the seed has a sweet licorice taste, in other words, it can be eaten directly.

The greenish color of the leaf may be mistaken for carrot, but it’s not and the major difference between the two is that the herbs are harvested before the flowering of the stem in the summer.

Below we would take a look at few uses of fennel sides and why it so valued and important.


1. Used in cooking

The fennel seed is normally used in cooking mostly in Italy and the United States. It is added to spice fishes, to gives as soup and sauce good taste and fragrance. Most restaurants use this seed in their food.

2. It enhances hair health

Some persons suffer from hair diseases or are deficient in the right nutrients. Consumption of fennel seeds which has Vitamin C and other nutrients helps in enhancing the health of the hair.

3. It tones/ameliorates skin appearance

It has been studied and proven that when you mix a fresh fennel seed with hot water and apply it directly on your skin, you tend to glow smooth skin. It makes it look fresh as a baby.

4. It enhances sleep quality

This is a very good and beneficial use of fennel seeds. When you feel tired and weak, and you decide to take tea, mix it with grounded fennel seed and you would have a good quality sleep.

5. It treats candida infection

With a good consumption of fennel seeds, you can get rid of the candida infection. This is an infection that affects the private parts. It is a bad fungal growth when not treated on time.

6. It promotes menstruation

Fennel seeds, when consumed in different forms help to promote menstruation in ladies and increase libido. It also helps to reduce the stress and bad symptoms that sometimes come with menstruation.

7. It eases morning sickness (nausea)

This is a good and reliable remedy for morning sickness also called nausea. When you still feel very sleepy and weak in the morning, a tablespoon of fennel grounded seeds with tea would help.

8. Helps in weight loss

Fennel seed contains a high content of fiber and when consumed daily, it would help in weight loss as you would have less appetite to consume foods rich in fat and other weight gain foods.

9. Treats Hernia

A hernia occurs when tissue or an organ of the body becomes swollen or pushes out thereby causing real pain. Fennel seed is a good remedy as a daily consumption will help treat a hernia.

10. Improve liver health

Fennel seeds are very good for the liver and tend to improve the health of this organ. When consumed understandably, your liver would be healthy and free of common liver diseases.

11. Boosts fertility

It has been found that fennel seeds contain estrogen which helps in improving fertility in women. It is very effective and reliable and is advisable for all women to consume to improve their fertility level.

12. Regulates blood pressure levels

Fennel seeds are a good source of potassium which is an important element that helps to regulate blood pressure levels. When you consume this seed every morning, you would have balanced blood pressure.

13. Cures Edema

Edema is a kind of infection in which the tissues of the body begin to swell. This can be avoided or cured with fennel seeds. When consumed in different forms, in less than two weeks, edema would disappear.

14. Promotes the growth of breast

Fennel seeds contain estrogen which helps to increase the growth of breast tissues thereby improving on the growth of the breast. This is a good requirement for those that need large breast.

15. Lowers cholesterol level

When you consume a good quantity of fennel seeds, you would have less appetite to consume high cholesterol foods which would make you have a low cholesterol level.

16. Treats diabetes

Fennel seeds help to increase insulin ability in the body thereby balancing blood sugar level and treating diabetes. It contains potassium and fiber and that reduces the effect of diabetes.

17. Freshens breath

This is also a good use of fennel seed. It helps to kill the bacteria present in the mouth thereby stopping every bad breath and making it fresh again. It also helps in producing saliva which makes the mouth moist and fresh.

18. Treats Asthma

This seed is so reliable and effective that it has been found to relieve someone suffering from asthma. It is very nice as a good consumption of it by putting it in all meals would reduce the asthma level in you.

19. Improves digestive health

Fennel seed is a very effective aid in the digestion of food in the body. This seed reduces every form of digestion problem that people normally complain about, therefore making you healthy.

20. It reduces Hirsutism

This is a kind of abnormal growth of hair in the body. It is the most common or great problem for women. But fennel seed is a good remedy as it treats it and makes you free of this issue in no time.

21. It improves eyesight

Fennel seeds are a good source of Vitamin A which helps to improve the eyesight of humans. For those having eye issues or so, when they consume fennel seeds in any form of their choice, their eyes would become sharp again.

22. It purifies blood

Fennel seeds are a great detoxifying agent of the blood thereby purifying it in the process. These seeds help to make your blood pure of every impurity that could be a danger to the body later on.

23. It suppresses appetite

It has also been found that fennel seeds help in suppressing appetite or hunger in humans. When you’re trying to abstain from food for a while, a good consumption of fennel seed would help you.

24. It helps prevent cancer

Fennel seed has been seen to have a good cancer-fighting property and it has been proven that it prevents some kind of cancers in humans. Seeing symptoms already, fennels seed would help prevent it.

25. It helps reduce constipation and cough

A good consumption of the fennel seeds helps to present constipation that is common in humans and also helps to reduce cough for those suffering from it.

This seed is highly beneficial to humans and for those who have not started consuming it yet, it is advised you begin with the process.

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