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Uses of Olive Oil for Hair

Extracted from one of the most loved fruits of the Mediterranean, Olives, Olive Oil is quickly becoming a popular oil worldwide because of its many benefits.

From satisfying the taste buds of people from all regions to becoming a health secret worldwide, Olive Oil has now done it all!

Olive oil is one of the tastiest oils given to us by nature. Are you in doubt? Simply blend your meal with oil from the olive tree, and you would attest to this fact. Olive oil will set your taste buds into an exciting mood and you will surely ask for more because of its sweet taste. Asides from cooking, Olive Oil is very vital in hair care.

One of the primary reasons behind olive oil’s impeccable rise in popularity of late has been the many benefits it has when applied to hair.

I know you know that taking good care of our hair is a necessity, and you can never be attractive if your hair is shabby and unkempt. There are different types and texture of hairs such as curly hairs, soft hairs, dry hairs, oily hairs, thin hairs and they have been plagued in so many ways because of the harsh weather conditions. Have you ever wondered why some hairs are shinny, strong, and oily despite the harsh environmental conditions? It’s all about the hair care, I mean the hair cream or oil used on the hair. Olive oil ranks among the best hair care oils. It is one of the most common natural hair care products.

Despite a large number of artificial products, natural remedies still are the best method for taking care of the hair and olive oil is right on top when it comes to natural remedies for hair-care.


Which type of Olive is suitable for hair care?

Before you know how olive oil can benefit your hair, it is important to understand the different grades of olive oil and know which one is best suited for hair-care.

Olive oil is basically available in five different grades based on the way they are extracted. The topmost grade, the extra virgin olive oil, has zero additives and retains all the antioxidants which make it the most useful and expensive grade of olive oil.

It is followed by the virgin olive oil which has around 2 to 3 percent additives.

Another type of olive oil is the blended olive oil which is a mix of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil.

Refined olive oil is obtained after chemically processing the olives and pomace. Pomace is basically the left-over oil extracted from olives through mechanical methods.

In the first two grades, the extra virgin and virgin olive oil are good enough to be used for hair-care.

Uses of Olive Oil in Hair

Now that you know which olive oil to use for hair-care, here are five uses of olive oil for hair which you ought to know at the earliest –

1. For Hair Growth

Who doesn’t like long hair? One of the best ways to get long hair is by the use of olive oil. A great amount of Vitamin E is embedded in Olive oil and it nourishes the hair when applied gently. Olive oil shunts the growth of Sebum, which slows down the growth of new hair follicles, thereby leading to hair growth. Olive oil used with avocado shows impeccable hair growth and gives long and smooth hair. You can create a blend of olive oil with avocado flesh and apply it directly to your hair with your fingers to get the best results. Olive oil is very greasy, you should always wash your hair over and over again after applying olive oil.

2. For Dandruff Control

Dandruff becomes visible on hair when the hair scalps dry up forming flakes. Olive oil when used with lemon juice helps in eliminating dandruff while moisturizing the hair and softening the scalp. Dandruff can be curbed within a week or two. Simply mix two teaspoons of olive oil and lemon juice in almost an equal proportion of water and apply on your hair. The lemon juice takes dandruff off your hair while the olive oil ensures they don’t resurface by softening your hair scalp.

3. For Easier Hair Management

The usage of hairdryers and hair straighteners leave the hair all messed up making them difficult to manage with a simple comb. Olive oil nourishes your hair overnight, smoothens them, and add life to your otherwise dull-looking hair.

Do you wish your hair to sparkle? Olive oil can do it for you. Apply warm olive oil to your hair before sleeping at night, and wash it off after you wake up in the morning. This can prove to be just enough to add the sparkle your hair needs for the entire day.

4. For Treating Split Ends

Split ends during winter have been a major concern for every woman alike. When the temperature drops, the hair becomes dry and is more prone to split ends. Olive oil, when used in the right amount, acts as a serum for hair with split ends and adds weight and moisture to the hair. The olive oil will fix split ends and also ensure that they don’t resurface any time soon. Applying a couple of drops of olive oil to split ends and leaving it overnight proves to be good enough for getting rid of the undesired split ends.

5. For Softening Hair

Rough hair is one of the most undesired things a person can come across while working with a comb in the hand. Olive oil, rich in vitamins A & E, nourishes hair adequately and works better than any hair conditioner. For even better results, you can try mixing olive oil with honey and running the mixture through the length of your hair before washing it overnight with lukewarm water. While olive oil nourishes your hair, honey ensures that the hair stays away from dryness.

To sum it up, olive oil is one of the greatest gifts of nature to your hair. It can fix virtually all hair problems single-handedly. With olive oil, you will achieve perfect hair and well-blended hair. It has all the right nutrients and anti-oxidants to give your hair the perfect treatment. A simple warm olive oil massage on your hair at night can help you to get rid of dandruff, split ends, and hair fall. Far better than any hair conditioner can ever be, olive oil is just the thing your hair needs to make you more beautiful. It even adds value to other natural hair care products like coconut oil, honey, avocado, and lemon juice. A mix of honey, aloe vera, and olive oil gelled together can turn out to be the perfect hair conditioner that will keep your hair smooth, long, and properly nourished. Olive oil is essential for coloured or straightened hair. It offers extra nourishment and strength to the weak and rough hairs. If you are struggling with hair problems, and you wish to have a smooth and shiny hair, don’t think twice! Give Olive oil a go!

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